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Subj: Re: Where do you get your information from...
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 05:11:55 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Where do you get your information from...
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 04:45:26 pm EDT (Viewed 50 times)

> > > > Well, it took both Thor & Green Hulk to tag team Red Hulk, so I think it should be profoundly obvious that since Hulk's beaten Hercules before, and that Red Hulk has beaten Hulk the one time they went solo, as well as he beat Thor the one time they went solo, then logic dictates that Red Hulk would beat both of the Hercules' too.
> > > >
> > > Hulk only beat Hercules one time. When Hercules was stripped of his godhood cutting his strength by as much as half and making his durability not worth crap. Also at the time the Hulk was being powered by energies from another dimension so he was abnormally strong.
> > >
> > > As to the fight, it only took Thor to beat RHulk. RHulk admitted Thor had him on the ropes and that the Hulk's interference saved RHulk's life.
> > Not so, Green Hulk started the fight and wore Red Hulk down enough for Thor to land a sneak attack and get into the fray.
> Green Hulk was fighting Rulk before Thor showed up, but it's kinda hard to say he was wearing Rulk down, since Rulk was pretty much dominating the fight at that point.
> > Meanwhile, before Green could get back into it, A-bom convinced him to wait a tad, explaining a few things and helping Green Hulk to realize that Red Hulk was getting noticeably hotter, and that Green gets MUCH more powerful when he's angry. A-bom knew that making Green wait just long enough for Green to get angry about Thor stealing the win away from him would make him get in there angry enough to take care of business. A-bom was who knew what was going on somehow, and he knew it sooner than Thor or Green realized it.
> Rulk himself specifically stated that Thor had him on the ropes, and that if not for Green Hulk's interference, Thor probably would've killed him. this in effect throws the theory that it took BOTH Thor and Green Hulk to down Rulk right out the window, and it makes any strategy A-bom may have formulated kinda irrelevant. Green Hulk and A-bom could've sat back and sipped lattes at that point, because according to Rulk's own admission, Thor was taking him down.

The problem with this is that Rhulk was put on the ropes as the result of an attack that he was not prepared for; an non-preparedness that directly resulted from Rhulk's preoccupation with fighting Hulk. So the Hulk did play a role in Rhulk being on the ropes from Thor's attack.

> >
> > By the time Green stole the fight BACK from Thor again, A-bom THEN went to work on Thor, 'splainin things to Thor just as he'd done to Green Hulk, prevailing upon Thor's better sense of honor to let Green end this for Green's sake.
> exactly. for Green Hulk's sake, NOT because Thor was incapable of downing Rulk.
> >
> > > Therefore logic dictates that Hercules might be able to beat RHulk on his own if he uses his fighting skills. RHulk beat GHulk the first time by outfighting him and catching him in a wrestling hold. The second time he nearly beat him to death before Thor intervened.
> >
> > yes, and point being that Green the first time is alive BECAUSE Thor intervened, and Thor's alive ONLY because Red wasn't even interested in killing Thor, he was only interested in finding Green again.
> that's speculation. he wasn't interested in killing Thor in Hulk #5, true. but i'd wager a bet that anyone as vicious as Rulk would be willing to at least fight back when they're on the ropes, as Rulk was in issue #6. he wasn't even able to fight back against Thor during the second bout, which only lends credence to the argument that Thor indeed had his number.
> >
> > Then, it took both Thor and Green to wear him down when they fought a second time enough for Green to secure the win.
> again, Hulk did not initially wear Rulk down. Rulk seemed perfectly fine before Thor showed up. it wasn't until during his fight with Thor that A-bom and Hulk noticed he was giving off heat.

But Rhulk always give off heat. When Hulk tells A-bomb that Thor can't beat Red Hulk, he explains that this is because the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets and he assumes that Red Hulk has this ability. A-bomb then explains that Red Hulk is not like Green Hulk. Instead of getting stronger with anger, he gets hotter. Thus Hulk sees that potential strength advantage and takes Rhulk's punches until he surpasses him in strength.
> >
> > > If Hercules used some of his fighting skills the when writers remember he has them he could give Rhulk a run for his money if not beat him. Espically if Hercules brings his golden mace to the battle which allows him to hit as hard as Mjolnir. If Thor with Mjolnir was able to hurt RHulk then it makes sense Hercules would be able to do so as well.
> >
> > Purely speculation, since Green Hulk's a near match for Hercules and Green Hulk hasn't defeated Red Hulk in solo battle yet in two tries. Indeed, both times he was about to die when Thor intervened.
> >

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