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Subj: Re: Probobly Not. [Hulk #6]
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 05:36:32 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Probobly Not. [Hulk #6]
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 03:46:52 pm EDT (Viewed 61 times)

> >
> > > Well, it took both Thor & Green Hulk to tag team Red Hulk, so I think it should be profoundly obvious that since Hulk's beaten Hercules before, and that Red Hulk has beaten Hulk the one time they went solo, as well as he beat Thor the one time they went solo, then logic dictates that Red Hulk would beat both of the Hercules' too.
> > >
> > *The Hulk has never beaten Hercules.
> >
> > *Red Hulk admits Thor had him the 2nd Fight.
> No Red Hulk said he was on the ropes he never said he was beaten.
> >
> > > Thor's nearly beat Superman in that one crossover. Superman CLEARLY had his way with DCU's Hercules, which means that Thor would too.
> > >
> > Thor "nearly beat Superman" is very debatable.
> >
> > > Thus, Red Hulk > both DCU/MU Hercules'
> > >
> > I'd say no. The logic set up in the latest issue is that Red Hulk has a limited period of power-up, he has several mintues or less where he has a maximum powerlevel whereon he burns out. While I hold DC Herc as stronger than his Marvel counterpart the two of them working together can keep the Red Hulk busy long enough for that Burn-out period to arrive i believe, both are Gods with a vast stamina and let's remember RH beat Thor partly by bludgeoning him with his own hammer not just hand to hand.... Two Hercules should be able to do it.
> >

> I havent seen enough of DC herc to say he is stronger than marvels herc but then again coming from you i expect that, you think all DC heros are above marvels. Marvels Herc held up the heavens but i am sure you have a good explanation to downgrade that feat don't you.

Eh, Dav isent some kind of nutso to just say things out of hand. I dont agree with some of his "Marvel versus DC" posts, but he usually brings at least points that can be used.

I am however curious as to why would anyone ever consider the DCU version of "Hercules" as being rated over the Marvel version, when he doesnt have a good track record to begin with (in both quality and quantity) or lifting feat record to even match up, let alone be set above.

His best lifting feat was rigth after the original crisis. And he made a point of saying his most talk about and famous feats wer "an exagerattion".

Nothing else.

His best figthing feats are taking down the Sinestro clone in one panel, while WW didnt, battle the Doomsday clone with WW, and recently the added "Justice Society" #13, and the "Wonder Girl" mini, where he fared exceptionally well. Rarely exceptionally well, even.

Nothing else of note.

The only reason i have seen among a rare group of posters around several boards to call the DCU version as being above the other or even at equal terms, are:

- Posters like Defensor claiming that every "Hercules" version out there are exactly the same, just because they bear the same title. Nevermind that being a public domain character, he will always be subjected to plot, porpuse and interpretation (in WW`s case, being the "evil Man", in Marvel`s case, being a hero). Moreso, this happens even inside one company, let alone different publishing companies. as i showed on another thread, the same Hercules that showed up at Action Comics was not written the same way as the one showingup at WW. Sometines in regards to power levels, almost always in regards to porpuse and personality.

these kind of posters end up using the only one statement they can grab, ad naseum, even if ends up making no sense, within printed continuity. DC does not own any Hercules, other than the versions created on theyr stories.

- Posters like Bootch who belive that the DC big guns are automatically stronger by a considerable amount, either because of the pre crisis nostalgia, or because they publish more titles among the big guns, r becaue of statements such as "DC Earth is bigger", even when one notion does not bear any relation with the other.

Thats basically it.

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