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Subj: Re: Probobly Not. [Hulk #6]
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 06:27:31 pm EDT (Viewed 62 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Probobly Not. [Hulk #6]
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 05:59:18 pm EDT

> > Where is the innacuracy in that rundown?
> The innacuracy is that it is something that you made up. Nothing in the book states that he "loses strength" or is "overloaded".
ERRRR, so why does he lose this issue fighting both Thor and the Hulk exactly?!
Why is he Glowing with energy in his final fight and starts slurring his spheech and getting dizzy? If he's not overloading and losing strength please do tell what is actually happening in this lengthy sequence as i'm sure i and the board would benefit immensley from your insight.

> If this is clarified later, fine, but for now it is pure conjecture. What is stated is that Hulk is "getting stronger". Thus Hulk "getting stronger" is what allowed Hulk to get the KO.
???? So why didn't the Hulk beat him back in #3? Why Didn't the Hulk beat him first fight this issue? I mean like i say if you want to take stuff literally then you'll have to explain minor little details like this...

> Plus, Hulk's reasoning for not believing that Thor could beat Rhulk is because he believed that Rhulk would get stronger as he got madder like he himself does. A-bomb corrects him by saying that Rhulk isn't like him and doesn't get stronger as he gets madder. Instead he gets hotter. Based on this, Hulk uses the strategy of accepting the pounding by Rhulk until he gains enough strength to KO Rhulk as he did.
The point i made was in you taking dialogue (or its absence) literally. You state as a fact the Hulk is getting stronger etc because the dialogue states it. I point out that the dialogue also states Thor can't beat Red Hulk, to which Red Hulk states he could have ended up dead at Thors Hands!
You can't pick and choose like that.

> >
> > > On the other hand, it is clearly shown and expressed that if Green Hulk is pounded on long enough, his strength will jump and surpose the strength of whoever is pounding on him.
> > And it is also very clearly "shown and expressed" that the Green Hulk was no match whatsoever for the Red and needed a save by Thor and A-bomb then states as fact that Thor can't beat Red Hulk... yet two minutes later Red Hulk is stating Thor had him on the ropes and could have killed him \(\!\)
> >
> > ...So which version is it....
> What's your point? Thor had Rhulk on the ropes via a surprise attack that Thor never gave him a chance to recover from. The two were prepared for each other in the first fight.
No they weren't! If that were so Thor would never have lost. He was giving his all in the 1st fight and was overpowered by a vastly superior force, this issue he does indeed get the 1st blow in and keeps the pressure on but the Red Hulk still has plenty of time to turn the tables on him... just as he did last issue. So why did he fail to do so? Because he's getting weaker.

> Hulk was getting just as beat down in the second fight. The difference is that he had the chance to increase his strength.
Even if you take the 'Madder/Stronger' thing literally how exactly is he getting the chance yto increase his strength here?
He was crushed several pages earlier, no sign whatsoever of any boost in his power despite being totally prepared. No as they fight for the last time he sustains another far more sustained beating but doesn't go down. Why? Because the Red Hulk is getting weaker. The only plausible explanation.

> And again, Hulk states that Thor can't beat Rhulk because he mistakenly believed that Rhulk would grow stronger with anger like he does. When he realized his error, he sees the advantage he needed.
> >
> >
> >
> > > > While I hold DC Herc as stronger than his Marvel counterpart
> > >
> > > And you base this on what?
> > >
> > Based on Reading DC Hercules twice supporting the weight of Paradise Island on his back with little effort.
> And we just read Marvel Herc holding up the heavens. We saw him holding Manhattan together. We saw him tow Manhattan Island.
If you believe Herc literally held the Heavens how can he merely stalemate the Hulk who in turn merely stalemates the Sentry who in turn can't stop a Shield Helicarrier falling.... *Sheesh* \(\!\)

> > Marvel Herc has nothing remotely as physical as that on record.
> You are wrong on this count.
Then supply proof. Supply me with an equivalent feat to DC Herc lifting Paradise Island twice

And after that i cordially invite you to follow me to a Non-Hulk thread titled 'Can Goku Contain Akire?', It's up top and will do you good \:\)

> >
> > > > the two of them working together can keep the Red Hulk busy long enough for that Burn-out period to arrive i believe, both are Gods with a vast stamina and let's remember RH beat Thor partly by bludgeoning him with his own hammer not just hand to hand.... Two Hercules should be able to do it.
> > > >
> >

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