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Subj: Took Superman & Wonder Woman & Martian Manhunter to halt the passage of something REAL big recently, remember?.....
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 09:27:16 pm EDT (Viewed 79 times)
Reply Subj: Let's be a bit fair here...
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 09:02:44 pm EDT (Viewed 74 times)

> actually do here what I fight against 95% of the time on this board. You present the utmost best of your favorite and compare it to the average of the guy you want to put below your guy. It's not fair. If you use Thor's best you also have to use Superman or whoever else best or settle for Thor honest average.
> For example:
> Superman best flight speed PC are a few times to a few thousands of times faster than light. But I agree it's not his average Post Crisis. However pretending Thor flight speed is 3 times the speed of light or better is not accurate. Heck! superman got more portrayal than thor going FTL. So wheter you use the average for both or the hight end for both. Let's not even enter the realm of super-speed for obvious reasons...
> Same for strenght. And BTW, the Midgard serpent is not a good feat to use because of it's nature and absolutely doesn't represent the average for Thor. Superman average and hight strenght showing pulverize Thor's. Thor doesn't got that many of them and they aren't as impressive.

Not as impressive? Supes hasn't punched a planet to smitherine's like Thor has twice.

Lets not forget, too:

People were REALLY impressed by Cpt. Billy Marvel striking down Superman with his magic lightning. Pretty powerful, that, but lets not forget that Thor has been on the receiving end of Zeus and Blitziana's LIGHTNING bolts, before. I could be wrong, but I think Zeus is FAR more powerful than Cpt. Billy Marvel is, and Thor continued the fight with Zeus impressively, while Superman was CLEARLY weakened and practically wobbling around punchdrunk at first. Yet Superman's feats pulverize Thor's?

Thor's immortal life force could be more powerful than the mystical properties of his hammer; that when combined with the power of his hammer can release incredible amounts of energy (Thor #388).

Galactus tasted defeat when Thor used the Life Force on him (see Thor #161).

Thor’s Life-Force, or God-Force, also destroyed the Brain Dome of the 20,000 ft. tall Celestial Exitar; which should be many times more durable than Adamantiun considering their thousands, if not, millions of years of technology ahead of the human race.

Also, the Destroyer using ALL OF HIS POWERS at his command could not destroy Thor’s Life-Force (see Thor #381).

> Same for durability. Surviving a nebulous nuke once maybe is not Thor average at all. But it's superman bread and butter. The low showings of thor are also much lower and his hight not as hight.
> Also, when you use a clone to demosntrate a point it's wise not to assume they are anything like the real deal. They are not for the simple fact they are Marvel's properties made to loose to their guys. They are, by definition, loosers. Like wise when you use a character only Thor has fought. What does it give us as an argumentation that he could beat Ulik or whatever else when used to compare DC characters?
> I don't agree with your conclusions but what I wanted to point out wasn't your conclusions as much as your methods. Be fair and others will be too. At least they'll be more enclined to be.