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Subj: Gee... I Have to Sleep Now & Again Y'know? ;)
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 01:16:59 pm EDT (Viewed 63 times)
Reply Subj: No responses to my other examples? So many feel Thor is Superman's inferior, and yet....
Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 07:59:16 pm EDT (Viewed 72 times)

> my examples above show several instances where in fact, Thor is Superman's superior in several things.
And as i said no one ever disputed he isn't more powerful than Superman when really cutting loose with the Hammers magiks....

> And lets face it, Thor's got WAY less weaknesses than Superman does. Just what is out there that specifically weakens Asgardians? Nothing.
At various points they have been shown not to be bulletproof. Big weakness there.
They are able to be gassed, drowned & even roasted.

> Superman's weakened by Magic, which Thor isn't.
Yes he is. It depends entirely what the magic is and where it's coming from, I can reel off a list of occasions superman has actively fought off a magic spell.
Thor has been affected by Loki, Dr Strange, Lorelei, Enchantress and Hela. What makes him look good against direct magical attack is an enchated Hammer that can repel most of those attacks.

> Superman's weakened by Kryptonite, yet there isn't some mineral out there we're aware of that's universally repugnant to Asgardians. Superman's weakened by Red Sun energy, yet Thor's capable of wielding ANY powersource through Mjolnir.
Err, what sort of an argument is that? Thor is affected by Gas attack, Superman is not. Thor can Drown, Superman can't. Thor can be affected by heat, superman cannot, Thor has been flattened by low tier speedsters, superman.... you get the idea. \:\)

> I've directed several examples above in this thread, all to show that Thor isn't some lackey to Superman, cause you said he can't even defeat the Superman clones, yet I can show Superman's abilities in several instances fall FAR below Thor's. I've even shown Thor out-classing Superman in strength feats, speed feats, the list goes on.
You've shown Thors occasional Uber feats that he has performed with Belt of strength or some other mitigating factor. You've also fallen into the trap of considering Hhyperion etc as equal to Superman - they are not!

> The sheer fact of the matter is that: Superman and Thor are close, but Thor's simply above Superman. With strength, speed, and other feats. Even Superman's highest end feats ahve been surpassed by Thor.
... yeah, right! \:\)

> Thor is to Marvel what Superman is to DC. The golden child.
That's Sentry.

> I'll call them equal for arguments sake, but really, I've more than amply proven Thor's highest feats and abilities outstrip Superman's.
....Sure! \:\)


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