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Subj: I wonder...
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 02:38:49 pm EDT (Viewed 121 times)
Reply Subj: There's No Real Logic to it. [Hulk #6 Soilers within]
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 01:46:39 pm EDT (Viewed 175 times)

> > I mean look at what RH has done, regardless of how he lost now. Knocked out a Watcher, defeated She Hulk with ease, Iron Man with ease, beat Hulk, beat Wendigo and beat Thor. All easily.
> >
> > In round two RH looked to be on the verge of beating Hulk again, then Thor jumps in and somehow is able to hurt him now. Then Hulk comes in and finishes him. Confusing, very much but how do we just ignore what happened?
> You have to 'ignore' it. Because as of #6 none of it makes any sense!
> But this is my Reading of it -
> I can accomodate the idea that Red Hulk took Thor by surprise last issue maybe and it was actually the beating he took from his own Hammer that finished him (technically true after all) but the fact is you look at the art at the begining of that issue and Thor is quite clearly giving absolutely everything into those hammer strikes, you can't seriously suggest he's going easy there.
> But Then the Red Hulk catches the hammer and it pretty much ends there for Thor....
> Skip to the current issue and it's Thor/Red Hulk clash and the only way to make it make sense is to say that Red Hulk has weakened and is continuing to weaken from all his exertions leaving him open to this takedown from Thor and Latterly the Hulk.
> It's not a wholly flawless idea i admit, but considering Red Hulk nearly kills the Hulk in two/Three blows before Thor intervenes but then lays down a whole barrage of them after the Thor fight to limited effect it is the logical suggestion as seen in the book.
> The Red Hulks downward trend reaches its critical point as the Hulk plays 'Rope-a-dope' and his body overloads, shutting him down effectively. It seems despite a very high peaklevel the Red Hulk can sustain it for only a limited time, especially when battles are further draining his resources and taxing his body chemistry.
> Works for me.

I've heard a theory being tossed around that the Hulk and Red Hulk are sharing the same power source. I'm wondering if there is a correlation between Hulk's anger and Rulk's power ceiling.

Up until #6, Hulk hasn't gotten very mad. In fact, when Rulk was waltzing through the SHIELD Helicarrier and taking on A-Bomb, I think Hulk was actually Banner. Since Rulk beat Hulk pretty quickly, Hulk didn't really have time to get angry.

When Thor fought Rulk in #5, I think Hulk was unconscious, or at least recovering from the beating he took. As such, his anger is very low, and Rulk is able to easily handle Thor as we saw.

Hulk looked like he was losing in the rematch when Thor showed up and started to actually beat Rulk. During this time, A-Bomb is with Hulk and Hulk finally starts getting really mad. As such, his anger has increased, and Rulk's power level has decreased, meaning he is finally vulnerable to Thor. When Hulk goes in to finish Rulk he's mad enough to be the slightly more powerful of the two.

Where did the extra power for two Hulk's come from? When Hulk returned from Sakarr didn't he get a power boost from either the explosion or the return trip through the portal? So when Tony's satellite weapon hit Hulk, the power-up Hulk got formed the Red Hulk, and Hulk was reduced to his pre-Planet Hulk levels.

I don't know if this holds water or not, I've just been reading scans on-line, but it's a thought I had.


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