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Subj: Re: Spidey wins, fairly easily . . .
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 07:23:44 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Spidey wins, fairly easily . . .
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 12:53:03 pm EDT (Viewed 42 times)

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> > > Spider-Man is stronger, faster, and more manuerable in the city, he'll be able to sense any approach Hawkman makes, and Hawkman won't be able to break out to the webbing.
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> > I think he could break the webbing esp if not around several times, or he could just Slice the web before it got to him.
> As far as I remember, nobody's ever just sliced Spidey's weapon before it got to them.

Ahh Wrong. Taskmaster's done it Easily, and that's off the top of hmy head not reading hardly any Spidey...

> > Hawkman can keep up speedwise, he has shown to dodge bullet's several times.
> Spidey dodges bullets a lot more times than several. He can evade gangs firing semi-automatics from several different directions at once.

So they both can dodge bullet's. That proves there VERY close. HawkMan has also been able to see Flash when Vibrating Superspeed tring to stay invisable...
> > Strengh are'nt that far off either(Look at scans in my Hawkman post).
> So just where do you put his strenght level at anyway?

Hard to gauge, he can call on Nth metal to do extra feats he would'nt normally been able...

The scans you posted didn't look like anything Spider-Man couldn't have easily matched. The web-slinger is a class 10 strenth-wise. (Which means he can lift ten tons, can Hawkman match that?)

Ahh I think that plane was probably close to that if not over and Hawk has no problem whatsoever, that shows he's right there with him...

And going back to my orginial post, Spidey himself can't break his own webbing, so Hawkman shouldn't be able to. When Spidey uses enough of the webbing, he can hold Ben Grimm.

Well unlike Benn Hawk could call on NthMetal to break out...
> >
> > So your three so called advantaged have shown not too be as you say, esp. Easy in ANYWAY!!!
> >
> > HawkMan can also take more punishment then Spidey can and eventually this is going to get in close quarters and HAwk will be the one to come out on TOP...
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> > This is'nt easy, Not EVEN CLOSe!! You saying thinks like that dont makes you look good, try too know more about the OTHER character first before posting such blantently wrong statement...
> I think you're the one who's got it wrong. You're not giving Spider-Man the props he deserves. (Aren't you the the same guy who thinks Slade Wilson would beat Spider-Man and Captain America at the same time?)

Yea I am. Read Deathstroke and you will know why. He's defeated way toughrmultiple oppenants then them before.
Hawk is Very close in EVERY vatergory with spidey...

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