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Subj: Re: These MartialArt Masters Vs TopBricks
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 07:40:57 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: These MartialArt Masters Vs TopBricks
Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 10:54:23 am EDT

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> Dang, real life usually keeps me getting to the party so late that I miss out on anyone reading my replies to these threads.
> > TaskMaster/Deathstroke vs Hercules
> Hercules. While some elite martial artists like Mantis and the "Master of the World" have KO'ed Herc's peers with pressure point attacks while atacking by surprise, neither of these guys have ever shown any significant skills in kyusho or tuite. Nor would Taskmaster's photographic reflexes be of much help in this since these skills are a lot more complicated than merely learning the moves.

Taks and death have shown nerve strick ability. In fact in rect Initiative Task defeats THREE Pym giatns with ONE throw from shield.
I personally think they could take Herc...
> > Mantis/Gamora(Current w/Noblade) Vs WonderWomen
> I am not up to speed on the current Gamora.

She faster/stronger and has energyblasts...I think theyb should win..
> > ShangChi/BlackPanther Vs Ares(Marvel)
> I am temted to say that if BP can beat Surfer, he can certainly beat Ares, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't be taken as the joke it is. Neither has the ability to really damage Ares. BP's vibranium suit would protect him form Ares' bludgeoning attacks and both could annoy and hurt him for quite a while though. In fact, if this was the ealier whinning/jobber version of Ares and with some of Panther's toys, I could see the team pulling this off.

I see one getting nerve strike in...
> > IronFist(current)/Daredevil Vs She-Hulk
> Current Iron Fist has the firepower to put Jen down. Even IF she could withstand one hit, he can now hit her over and over again. Even though he is far faster and more skilled than she could ever hope to be, she is a FAR more effective fighter than she was in the past. I could just as easily see her taking him, it really just depends how this one plays out. In this fight DD is pretty much the determining factor. Even though he lacks the firepower to hurt She-Hulk, he provides Iron Fist the oppurtunity to take her out.

> > Wolverine/Gambit Vs DonnaTroy
> This could go either way. It really depends on how well she tactically uses her advantages. Both of these guys can hurt her and (like it or not) she will have some trouble putting Wolverine down for the count. If she fights smart and uses her flight and speed, she can easily blitz them and use her superstrength for the win. If she just wades in their with them and trades shots, their teamwork takes it for them.

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> > Mantis Vs Midnighter
> > Mantis Vs Deathstroke
> > Mantis Vs Storm
> > Mantis Vs Hercules
> I don't know where Mantis is at currently, I do know that she showed some cosmic level abilities alongside the Surfer in the past, but I don't know if that is still the case or what their scope was. Going of her classic levels, she would beat Deathstoke in most straight fights, though he could win a decent percentage. Unless Mantis takes out Storm really quick, Storm will take it to range and win with ease. While mantis did KO Thor by surprise and could at least be a potential threat, she is no match for him under normal conditions.

I was going with Original Mantis anyways.. Mantis has dodged Lightning strikes before though, and I think she fast enough to do same thing she did to Thor too Herc...
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> > Mantis/Gamora w/Godslayer/(Current)IronFist & CurrentDrax Vs Orion/Hercules (No AstroForce/MotherBox)
> I am not up to speed on either current Drax or current Gamora. The main thing about this one is that several of the weaker characters have enough firepower to hurt or take down these uber bricks. This means that with the advantage of numbers and superior speed, timing and skill, they have a good shot of wearing the others down.

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> > How these go???
> Most of the MA masters have the firepower to actually do any significant damage to most bricks. Just because one can KO a Thor or Namor with a kyusho strike doesn't mean the others can. Overcoming their durability is a major hurdle while the Bricks incredible strength advantage means they have a lot of options that can hurt the MA masters. Still, for the MA masters who have the firepower to do damage to the bricks, they often will have the speed and more importantly the timing and accuracy to be able to land a KO shot, especially with some of the others running interference.
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Yea there skill/Speed/patience sould get them the shot they need and they ONLY need one...


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