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Subj: Re: HawkMan vs SpiderMan
Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 at 07:35:02 am EDT (Viewed 35 times)
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> > > Thoughts on how this battle would go???
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> > Not an easy fight for either.
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> > Let me say straight-up that Spiderman i think is superior at the end of the day, but fighting Hawkman is a completely different proposition to fighting The Vulture. Hawkman has the animal ferocity of Wolverine in combat and is a master at most weaponry, he is extremely durable and will take most of Spidermans initial beatings, he is generations older than Spiderman in the hero game and will be one of the toughest customers Spiderman has fought... what limits Hawkman a bit here is his reliance on the air and need for maneuvorability. Spidermman is far too agile in comparison and can deliver more punishment, i could see him goading Hawkman into carelessness due to Carters temper and pride in combat... either way Spiderman will win 6/10. But Hawkman is not an opponent he can afford to take lightly at all....
> I agree that Hawkman is a great and noble warrior, and that he is probably > Vulture. (I'm not familar with the Vulture's latest stats, at one point he was in Spidey's class strenght wise, I don't know if that's still the case.)
> Thing is, Spider-Man has a good deal of experience fighing something more than a Hawkman, that is a Goblin. (Several of them, in fact by now) Goblins have high flight manuerablity, ranged attacks, and most of them are in Spidey's strenght class.
Agreed, but none of them are noted as great fighters now are they? None of them have the maneuvorabilty and air experience of Hawkman either, several decades worth or more.

> On the other hand, Hawkman has no experience fighting anyone like Spidey. DC doesn't have anyone like Spider-Man for Carter Hall to get a frame of reference on what he would be fighting. If they had, and Hawkman had fought such a charater a number of times, I might feel differently about the winged warriors' chances against the web-slinger.
Well the problem with that is that Hawkman has been solidly active in the hero Biz since his 1940s debut, That's 6 decades of experience in the hero game fightning stuff we mostly havn't even seen, as compared to Spidermans ten years or so. I've seen Spiderman troubled by foes as 'feeble' as Iron Fist, Tarantula & Daredevil and that's something you and others always conveniently overlook!
As a member of the JSA we've seen him fight way out of his class and indeed he was their leader for a number of decades up until their current renaissance. His ongoing feud with Black Adam has seen them clash majorly at least twice and while that's a fight he simply can't win he's still made Adam work for it.

> Yes Hawkman is a great force to be reconned with, and an expericed warrior, but in this fight Spider-Man will be the one with the relvelant expirience. And Carter's macho warrior attitude will only remind Peter of an obnoxiouis Flash Thompson, and that will only make him want to beat Hawkman that much more.
Quite possibly, yes. But you're dismissing this character to such a massive extent i feel you just aren't someone who's aware or follows him to any great extent... as others above have shown in scans he is an absolute physical monster. To say Spiderman is in "no trouble" is facetious and just blithely ignorant of the characters ability and showings.