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Subj: *Notices a conspicuous absence*
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Reply Subj: ~ A Fight & a Truce ~
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Comic Battle Board!

As promised, a fight and a truce.

First the truce:
Daveym, as you may have noticed (as I’m sure much of the board has, to their chagrin), we’ve been doing our part to clog the board up with pokes, barbs, jabs…oh, who am I kidding…punches, eye-gouges, Muay Thai clinches, chokes, and kicks to the groin.

Threads by a third party that usually start out with a “Who would win between…” turn into, “Well, my mom can beat up your mom!” 

I've been coming on the boards for years.  For years before that I lurked.  To me, this is (or is supposed to be) a fun site.  We are basically guessing/hypothesizing about what we THINK would be outcomes for fights between fictional characters.  We use comics, scans, writer’s comments, etc. to back our opinions.  Yet, inevitably, things occasionally get heated.  At its best, this site is fun, even educational, and features a cool kind of camaraderie between users.  At its worst--as silly as it seems--people get personal and insults go flying over the Internet...over some fictional characters (myself being a guilty party, too).

There have been times when you have said you were leaving the board forever.  And I’m sure I played a part in your decision.  It was never my intent to make you leave…or even make you mad, for that matter, believe it or not.  My intent was to try and get you to realize that some things you say/do to others does not feel good and is not becoming of the intellect and dignity you bring to many of your posts.

I guess it must be the “teacher” in me.  In trying to deter negative behavior, research suggests to surround the person with others modeling the desired behavior (check—there are several posters on here that are always calm, kind, and courteous, yet can drive their point home like a knife through butter without ever making it personal or insulting).  If that doesn’t work, data suggests to reward or praise good behavior in the person in question.  I have complimented you on several occasions (even as recently as the past week).  When that doesn’t work, data also states that perhaps the person in question does not realize how their actions affect others/make them feel.  So, I guess I was seeing if you liked the taste of your own medicine, so to speak.

Regardless, two wrongs don’t make a right.
You’re a big boy; you make your own decisions and must live with the aftermath of those decisions.
I should not have tried to change your behavior.
I apologize.

And to the members of the board, I apologize for my part in clogging up the board and helping to turn it into the very thing I was trying to get rid of.

So, we have a truce?  Can we agree to disagree?  Can we agree to try to stick to the issues without baiting, cattiness, etc.?  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be allowed to post & reply in a thread where the other is, but perhaps hit the “Reply” button with an olive branch instead of an axe?  "I can do it, so can you...right?"

*special thanks go to Defensor for teaching an old dog new tricks.  :)

~ This concludes the Lifetime Channel portion of this post. ~

In the wise words of Ben Grimm, “I didn’t bring my crying towel…let’s get to clobberin’ somethin’!”

Ladies and Gentlemen:  For the dozens in…attendance…and the…um…dozens watching at home…you wanted the best, you got the best!  Let’s get ready to rumble!

The Fight:
Wolverine VS. The Absorbing Man
If Wolverine cut the Absorbing Man, wouldn't Creel just turn into Adamantium...fusing Wolverine's claws to himself? If Wolverine's claws were stuck inside the now Adamantium Absorbing Man, then Wolvie wouldn't be able to get his claws back out, right? The Absorbing Man could then dive into a pit of lava for a few weeks, searing the flesh off of Wolverine's bones, and then just walk right out of it, later.
I'm not saying this is how it would always go down, but it could go down like this, yeah?

Could Wolverine heal from this?  All cells, DNA, etc., would be gone after weeks in lava, right?

I must say that I'm far from surprised. Your message's intent is an honorable one, but one that will prove--at least in regards to a certain poster--ultimately futile. Still, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. I tip my hat to you sir, I wouldn't have wasted my time on appealing to this individual, but clearly, you're better than I am. \:\)
As for the matchup, Wolverine *should* be done for good (or perhaps well-done... ok, enough bad humor for one post). However, he would be just fine, physics be damned. Thus spraketh Marvel.

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