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      Easy poser this, which of the following in your considered opinion is going to be the fastest mover/swimmer... underwater?

      Aquaman Vs. Wonder Woman

      Fathom Vs. Spider-man

      The Hulk Vs. Aquaman

      Triton Vs. Marrina

      Impulse Vs. Jesse Quick

      Tiger Shark Vs. Attuma

      Namor Vs. Vixen

    How could they swim OUTSIDE water, eheh? I'm just kidding, don't worry.

    Aquaman Vs. Wonder Woman:
    Aquaman, no doubts about it. WW can indeed move faster than a regular human inside water, and even way, way more faster than a regular human outside water but, she's far way slower - overall speaking - than Aquaman inside water... I mean, I bet she can still "repel bullets" with her arms movements even inside water, but, when she starts to swim - moving her whole body - inside water... she just can't do what Artie can do, she can't swim or maneuver like him, that's it... it should not be like this, you know, for creatures like WW, Supes, Black Adam, Caps Marvel, etc... they SHOULD be able to "fly" inside water, and, pretty fast, I mean, they can fly much faster than sound speed on air or space, and heck, at least Superman can even fly INSIDE THE GROUND, with earth and lot's of rock's on his way, whe already have seem that multiples times, and they should at least be able to easily surpass the speed of sound inside water, but we just don't see they doing that... Aquaman can swim at 1000 knots, and that's 1.852 km/h, that's higher than the sound speed on air, he's that fast.

    Overall a very good and well thought out post, but a Few corrections if you don't mind. Regarding Arthur/Orin's speed, he has actually swam 10,000 feet per second in a "sprint" in continuity before.

    Fathom Vs. Spider-man: I'm not used to read Fathom, but since she's a water creature, even if Spidey could - I really don't know the swimming speed of both characters - surpasse her, water is not his place, and she will eventually beat him completely in a underwater swimming race, he needs air, right? Heck, I don't even know if she needs air either...

    The Hulk Vs. Aquaman:
    Aquaman, period. Swim way faster, and can maneuver even more, and eaisly dogde and avoid all Hulk's efforts to hit or reach him.

    Triton Vs. Marrina:
    That's "almost" like Sheetara vs Lion-o "Thundercat's" race contest episode. Marrina is the fastest Marvel swimmer EVER. She could reach 900 knots, but, she simply can't sustain that speed for a long time, she reduces her speed after a little while, BUT, in the short period that she can sustain 900 knots of underwater swimming speed, she can freaking disappear and be competely of of sight of ANY Marvel swimmer, she has done that LOT'S of times, Namor could not simply conceive her swimming speed, he could do nothing but simply watch her fastly disappear's, he simply could not react... once, Attume used special Atlantean submarines to pursue her, and she was weak at the time, and, it took more than a week to finally reach her, and, it was on that short period of time that she get's slower.

    Glad that I am not the only one around here that remembers this. Marvel remembers what DC forgets and that is the enviromental effects of an object moving through water like this. Aquaman has no "speed force connection" as an excuse for why he can move above what the enviroment can handle. Marinna's speed for short bursts should be the limit for anyone under water. Oh well, it's comic books. Also, it should be noted that her normal sustained swimming speed is under 50 mph.

    Impulse Vs. Jesse Quick:
    Swimming on the water surface, I bet Bart can easily outrace her. Inside water? I think she's more capable than him, she can think, she's really smart and uses her brain, not to mention that she's more experienced than him, but, who knows... Bart's still faster than her, overall speaking, but I think his short experience will be too much for him in a underwater swimming race agains't her.

    Tiger Shark Vs. Attuma:
    In short races, Tiger Shark. In long races, Attuma's endurance will make the difference.

    I'm wondering why you feel Attuma should have greater endurance than Tiger Shark? Just curious.

    Namor Vs. Vixen:
    I really don't know which underwater speeds her totem can grant her, but I assume she can be as fast as the fastest water animal, right? Namor is a little bit fastest than that, and, he's on his enviroment... he will win.

    In Namor's most recent mini-series, he was clocked at 300 knots and accelerating. I know that previously the handbooks had listed him at 60 knots, but this always seemed very low compared to many of his earlier showings. His whirlpool trap was powerful enough that it hurt and almost beat the Hulk for example.

    My underwater top list of fastest swimmers is: and yes, i'm ignoring a lot of DC swimmers here, some Orin's enemies that are almost as fast as him;
    Aquaman > Mera > Marrina > Koryak > Tempest > Namor/TigerShark/Attuma

Based on Namor's recent showing of 300 knots(+), he should be next in line behind Marrina. Also, I never understood why Tempest/Garth was so far below Orin/Arthur/Aquaman. In continuity, he's always been very comparable physically in both feats and when they have fought one another (at least since he has matured even as Aqualad). Aquaman is supposed to be able to lift 60 tons in air while Tempest can lift 8 tons. Aquaman can swim 10,ooo feet per second while Garth can swim AT 85 miles per hour. Aquaman can withstand depths of at least 20,000 feat or better while Tempest can handle depths of 3,400 ft below the surface. Both pre- and post-crisis, he has seemed at least close to Aquaman. Also, I wondered why you rated Mera so high in speed?