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      > Ok, what is the opinion about how powerful Superboy Prime really is?

      > 1) Superboy Prime vs. current Thor at highest power level shown today
      Thor gets owned. So far we've seen him barely hold his ground with The Destroyer, get a beating Via Bor, Get mugged by the Red Hulk and get a fight out of that super skrull in the Secret Invasion mini....
      Superboy on the other hand has physically moved planets, been seen to be faster than Superman & Co, the only one known to resist being exiled into the Phantom Zone and has yet to be seen facing any physical challenge whatsoever in the DCU - the kid is absolutely the last word on physical power.

      > 2) Superboy Prime vs. Dr. Strange with 2 weeks preparation
      Superboy has so far ignore Zauriels power (an Angel) and ignored Mordru - a sorceror more powerful than strange himself!
      Even with this prep i don't fancy Stranges chances, Removal to another dimension is about his only option but Superboy isn't going to make that easy.

      > 3) Superpby Prime vs. Silver Surfer highest showing
      At his highest showing Surfer might just have a chance, the thing is Superboys invulnerability is so absolute I don't see the vast majority of the Surfers assaults affecting him much. Superboy was dismissing the GL Corps attacks and even shrugged off the Guardians assault.
      We know the Surfer can drain energy but in the time it takes him to do it Superboy is going to be onto him and there's no way Surfer can take a beating off this particular opponent.... Superboy is going to be extremely dominant in that context and while the Surfer is more mobile out in space Superboy too is known to have superman-level speed so it's not that big a gap there either.

      > 4) Superboy Prime vs. Destroyer inhabitated by Thor
      Again I'm not seeing The Destroyer as being powerful enough. Even with Thor in it. The only weapon it has that may be a significant threat is the Disintergration beam, and that's if Prime is charitable enough to let him get the time needed to get the shot off...
      I don't think Prime can physically break the Armour but he has a lot more in the way of speed & mobility and we do know the spirit inhabiting the armour can be shook out in the right circumstances....
      I favor Superboy, if only by eventual BFR.

      > 5) Superboy Prime vs. Odin
      Anything could happen. Superboy can provenly take vast punishment and if/when Odin gets hit by Prime he's going down!
      The level of power it would take Odin to hurt the kid is so high he won't reach the required level quickly enough before Superboy is onto him. Odin is far from invulnerable...

      > 7) Superboy Prime vs. Uatu where Uatu knows that SBP is coming
      The Watcher, via BFR.

      > 6) Superboy Prime vs. Galactus
      Well given Primes powerlevel I can actually see a case for him beating Galactus, it depends which version shows up.
      On average Galactus has proved he is not absolutely invulnerable and can be hurt, Superboy has been seen to take on Monarchs power pretty handily and a case for either winning can be made here. The way he tore thru the Anti-Monitor and dismissed him is a reasonably good parallell.... just how long can Galactus survive i wonder...

I also agree here with the above. Since I've been posting on the forum here I thought I would endevour to learn a bit more about the high end showings of certain characters I was not overtly knowledgeable about, and with a bit of help from my local comic shop, Ebay, and my first cousin... I've learned enough to know that Superboy Prime is probably going to crush those guys even all at the same time. That is some power and serious mojo that guy commands...

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