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Subj: Re: How long does it take for THOR to put down WOLVERINE?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 02:02:49 pm EDT (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How long does it take for THOR to put down WOLVERINE?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 10:46:04 am EDT (Viewed 46 times)

    Wolverine's claws have long been pimped as being able to cut through anything. Read any issues of Uncanny X-Men prior to Claremont's departures and you'll see numerous references to that point. Other than his first appearance against Hulk, he's been quite consistant as far as I know in being able to cut through people/things. The only reason he doesn't generally do more than scratch people is because he'd end up maiming or killing almost every character he's fought. That level of violence is generally not done in Marvel and certainly not against a-list characters.

They've been SAID to cut through anything but we've SEEN that this isn't the case. If he says that it's difficult to cut Hulk's hide, than that means he can't cut anything. Otherwise, what happens when something is 2x as durable as Hulk's skin? This was their most recent fight, not the first.

Obviously there have been examples in which he couldn't cut force fields and whatnot, so clearly that rules out the "everything" part of it. He couldn't cut Iron Man. He's had trouble cutting several durable foes over the years. How many times has he tried to stab a durable opponent only to barely be able to scratch the surface? You can't blame this on the state of comics because he's fought people that he's wanted to kill and had this result. Look at the fight with the Wrecker. He completely blindsided him with the claws, made some pretty deep cuts, but it was nothing bad enough to keep him from dominating the fight.