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Subj: Re: How long does it take for THOR to put down WOLVERINE?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 09:52:54 pm EDT (Viewed 8 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How long does it take for THOR to put down WOLVERINE?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 03:09:27 pm EDT (Viewed 56 times)

    This is a prime exampe of Wolverine not being allowed to maim or kill characters. Wolverine is a big deal for Marvel and they sell lots of books, movies, toys and various other merchandise to children off the back off his popularity. They won't have their cash cow decapitating others because a) Marvel comics are for kids and that level of violence would be too much, b) Wolverine would be killing or cutting off limbs in every fight and it wouldn't do to have a crossover with Spider-man, Thor, Captain America etc. and then having to portray Wolverine's foes in their own books and future appearances as having missing limbs or being paralysed from a severed spinal column, or dead.

This doesn't make sense. Wolverine has killed and maimed plenty of times in comics. He just doesn't kill A-listers, which is true of everyone. Wolverine being unable easily cut something isn't the result of some kind of policy. I'm not sure what foes you mean. When has Wolverine ever not tried to take a bad guy's head off?

    It's not just Wolverine that has these limits on violence and its consequences. Torch and Havok, for example, have taken plenty of shots at other a-list characters, but have never really taken anyone down by burning or evaporating them. Strong chaps like Hulk or Wonderman are limited in what they can achieve. When they punch weaker opponents like Wolverine and send him flying, the effects on the human body would be catastrophic. It's part suspension of disbelief but it's also that such consequences would mean the death or disabling of numerous characters (Wolverine might physically survive a punch, but his brain would liquify from the shock of impact thusly leaving a brain dead Wolverine).

What suspension of disbelief? Wolverine has an unbreakable skeleton and a mutant healing factor. That's hardly the same thing as a normal human, and even in those cases we get the "he holds back" excuse form most characters. Regarding the "brain dead Wolverine", this is exactly what happened to him in WWH. Fortunately, his brain seems to heal.

I understand your point about limits nad the Torch is a good example. However, you don't immediately jump to the conclusion that Torch can vaporize any villain just because comics wouldn't let it happen. We've seen him unable to beat opponents (Hulk, for example) by using heat. So there is a limit, just like Wolverine. He said himself he had trouble cutting Hulk. This proves beyond any doubt that he cut through anything because something can always be harder than the Hulk. Again, I'm not saying Wolverine wouldn't be able to cut most things, just that the evidence indicates that he couldn't do it very easily, as the original post implied when it said he would "lop off" Thor's arm.