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Subj: Re: Correction... the likes of Quasar may not be any more special than Hal Jordan. But Surfer ?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 08:59:40 pm CDT (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Correction... the likes of Quasar may not be any more special than Hal Jordan. But Surfer ?
Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 at 08:34:38 pm CDT (Viewed 29 times)






              SS seems to be getting a "whole lot of love" on the Battle Board recently...

              Able to fight prime evenly, ditto Dr manhattan...
              "Casually" takes out Superman....

              Why is he SO far up on the Board...

              Fought Tyrant, NO effect, Ditto Odin, don't think EVER managed to defeat Thor either...

              Isn't he just Top Herald, right there with Sentry as originally configured, and not Skyfather, much less Cubes, Celestials, Imps?

              Unless SS Unload early on... Still see likes of Thor/Supes giving him hard fights...


            Yeah, I know.... People always say how Surfer is versatile this, versatile that... Green Lanterns are just as versatile but don't get any love. Surfer's cool, but I doubt he's any more special than Hal Jordan. And Hal aint takin' Prime or Thanos down.

          ... whole other level.

          I'll consider a Green Lantern "special" the next time I see one create a black hole as a mere byproduct of their energy discharge during a fight.

        That's an awesome feat, but to classify it as a by-product of a fight? He purposely created it as a means of escape.

      its still a pretty significant feat, and one i don't see Hal equalling (even remotely).

    Yeah, but this is not your every day Surfer. Not quite sure how big that black hole was, but it looked like it engulfed the planet? This is only well written if you're a Surfer fanboy. Otherwise, it's plain silly. To compare, though, Hal has frozen time across an entire solar system. Jon Stewart recreated one. Don't know how you'd stack these feats against what Surfer did, but they're uber as well!

In that first scan, it doesn't say that Hal froze time. It says that Hal freezes every living being within 1000 miles of the shattered planet. I take that as him putting them all in sort of a suspended animation, but not stopping time itself. The moon is 250,000 miles from Earth, so basically Hal froze every being (not time) within relatively close proximity to the shattered planet. An impressive feat, but not the same as freezing time across an entire solar system. This, unless there is more in the comic that supports your assertion.

Likewise, it is quite unclear what Stewart does in the other two scans. Seems that he vents his frustration by briefly creating constructs of three destroyed planets or celestial bodies that dissipate once he has exceeded his exertion level. Still far from literally creating a solar system.