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Subj: I really think you grossly over estimate versatility...
Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 07:52:49 am EDT (Viewed 136 times)
Reply Subj: This Is What Is So Dumb About Many Things In DC
Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 12:22:09 am EDT (Viewed 122 times)

    ... This machisimo attitude to artificially show up their protégés way beyond their conceptual potential, or beyond rationality itself. It reeks of lack of confidence.
    If the Flash was portaited as he is sometimes shown, he would clear Earth of all criminality twice a day. The Universe, if Superman is considered instead. If the Lantern's rings really were about anything the ring bearers imagine, I would say the legion of them that took on SBP were some dull asses indeed.
    And yet, when you look at their sources, they are as humble as a ring anybody can use, a displaced alien, and a guy doused in chemicals.
    I thought DC was decided to make sense after COIE, but for some times now... anyway. I can't really say that Marvel's any better, neither.

... if that's possible. GL or surfer can do many tricks but what they lack against SBP grade characters is the power to back those trick. Not that they don't have loads of them already. They do but the other guy has so much more than even they can imagine that they are outgunned. Whatever you want to do to such a foe will have to demand an enormous eneregy toll to have any effect while him doing the usual might get you one shotted.
When lanterns were one shotted by Prime you weren't suppose to think they were weak. You were supposed to realise the brat was THAT dangerous. Of course versatility gives you more handles to tackle a problem and thats a great plus. But you still get limited by the energy you can handle to fuel those tricks... lanterns can do anything up to what the ring or their willpower can handle. Same for surfer and the power cosmic. He doesn't have Galactus energy output and is still opposable by guys like thor or Sentry and just by that fact you understand that he doesn't have infinite power either but rather a incredibly hight level. Still someone with a higher scope but less versatility would pose a very tangible threat for him or any lanterns.
I think there is a snobish smell and a tad of bitterness in the taste to people who over-glorify versatility. It's not because you can transmute things that they are equally easy to transmute. Characters with higher scope than you might get too hard plain and simple. Same for blasting, punching, disintegrating, statis rays, force constructs or fields etc. In comics nearly everything is opposable and the mightiest power win... It's often better to have fewer more powerful tricks than plenty less so. Specially if some tricks are somewhat redundant on what they aim to do like compromising body integrity. The best advantages a more versatile character has is usually provided for BFR or indirect attacks that avoid having to met impossible resistance. Of course BFR is easier on character with fewer movement options and lesser durability. Anyway, this is all getting old and probably won't change a thing but I had to try one last time before letting go.

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