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Subj: The Surfer Factor
Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 09:02:09 am CDT (Viewed 9 times)
Reply Subj: In All Due Respects...
Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 03:09:00 am CDT (Viewed 130 times)

    You like to point out all the stuff that Surfer can do.  Well, the GLs are an army of guys that can do the exact same thing... Surfer is more powerful than most of them, if not all, as they are limited by their will (which is why some are more powerful and capable than others), but there is the rare exception like Hal.

Saying that the GLs can substitute the Surfer is like saying that Cap America can substitute Superman; The Surfer's got a superpowered form; He's got cosmic awareness; he's got thousands of years of experience. More importantly, is the source of his own power.

    And your point on absolutes... every time you are involved in a post with Surfer as a topic, you present him and his power as an absolute, and just look the other way when Surfer has been shown to lose. Or you go on about what he CAN do, instead of how he actually operates in a comic.

Captain America is to Superman as a GL is to Surfer? Now that's some serious bias..... Captain America has no similar powers and doesn't offer any comparable power, yet it's clear that the Surfer Factor is in operation, since a "well written Norrin" dwarfs a GL in power and is in a league of his own.