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Subj: Can I?
Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 at 02:33:38 pm EDT (Viewed 82 times)
Reply Subj: I really think you grossly over estimate versatility...
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    ... if that's possible. GL or surfer can do many tricks but what they lack against SBP grade characters is the power to back those trick. Not that they don't have loads of them already. They do but the other guy has so much more than even they can imagine that they are outgunned. Whatever you want to do to such a foe will have to demand an enormous eneregy toll to have any effect while him doing the usual might get you one shotted.

Let them drain his obvious energies, then. Let them probe him mentally to know who he is going to attack, and then make that this target becomes intangible, since their rings also operates as a communicating device. Let them create illusions based on what their friend Superman can perceive himself. Make them transmute the yellow sun energy he stored for red sun energy, or BFR him to asector with a red sun. Let a couple of them get invisible to all senses, or to become so small that they can enter SPB's head and blast his brains like the Atom did to Darkseid in "Rock of Ages". Let them travel thought time and space to squeeze the life out of him while he is just born. Let them amp up one of their own's strength, speed and durability themselves if that's the only ticket to a DC victory.

    When lanterns were one shotted by Prime you weren't suppose to think they were weak. You were supposed to realise the brat was THAT dangerous. Of course versatility gives you more handles to tackle a problem and thats a great plus. But you still get limited by the energy you can handle to fuel those tricks... lanterns can do anything up to what the ring or their willpower can handle. Same for surfer and the power cosmic. He doesn't have Galactus energy output and is still opposable by guys like thor or Sentry and just by that fact you understand that he doesn't have infinite power either but rather a incredibly hight level. Still someone with a higher scope but less versatility would pose a very tangible threat for him or any lanterns.

I would have no problems with that as long as the "unbeatable threat" wasn't limited to being only strong and durable if he is to be the threat of universal proportions he is supposed to be. But as DC is adamant in proving the Superman "brand" as the one which reigns over all, SBP is conveniently excused from all attacks that could possibly overcome him and his thin concept, but doing that DC makes all of its remaining universe a joke. I say DC because they are the obvious target but Marvel has been doing that a lot lately, too.
The power magnitude of a target has nothing to do in turning oneself intangible. Either these GLs were under-achievers, or they didn't have the power fans claim they have. Which one is it?


    I think there is a snobish smell and a tad of bitterness in the taste to people who over-glorify versatility.

Real heroes are the versatile ones. To be able to write a moderatly successful run, the hero must be able to face different threats and have different ways of taking them on. Power in single-minded magnitude is the province of the vilain, who usually beats the hero in an ealier encounter due to that power magnitude but loses the second encounters because the hero adapts. Now, if "DC physics" permits their characters strength to "punch throught reality", it's all good fun, but don't expect anything outside DC to take that seriously. 

    It's not because you can transmute things that they are equally easy to transmute. Characters with higher scope than you might get too hard plain and simple. Same for blasting, punching, disintegrating, statis rays, force constructs or fields etc. In comics nearly everything is opposable and the mightiest power win...

If that was true, Cap America or Batman would never had won a fight, as a pretty part of their rogue galleries are much more powerful in magnitude than they themselves are. SPB's energy source is obvious; it is an external one, and once it is gone he can't regenerate it himself. It's all there for the taking. But no; Fly-byes and e-blasts ruled, as if they were any efficient anyway.

    It's often better to have fewer more powerful tricks than plenty less so. Specially if some tricks are somewhat redundant on what they aim to do like compromising body integrity. The best advantages a more versatile character has is usually provided for BFR or indirect attacks that avoid having to met impossible resistance. Of course BFR is easier on character with fewer movement options and lesser durability.

Total disagreement here, with everything that is written in there. No offenses.