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Subj: agree and disagree...
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      I think there is a snobish smell and a tad of bitterness in the taste to people who over-glorify versatility.

    Versatility is a measure of how many different ways a character can apply their power, not the magnitude of it. The best example of this is the Kree Star Wheel. Surfer and Strange ere both trapped and helpless, with ir transmutation abilties etc meaning nothing in this scenario, whilst Hulk was the only one with the sheer *power* to break out.

    Versatility does indeed make one more formiddable in combat and means the character is much better in a wider range of scenarios, but that doesn't necessarily equate to being more *powerful* than their peers.

    BRAUGI: IMO power has a scope (or breadth, versatility, etc) factor as well as a magnitude factor. BOTH have to be considered when figuring out how powerful someone is overall. IMO this relationship is certainly nonlinear: a character with superstrength and durability =100 vs. a character with superstrength and durability =10, fireblast =10, flight = 10, energy drain/absorb=10, healing=10, speed 10, and a myriad of other powers at 10 or less aren't going to be equals...

    Someone with 100 strength and durability vs. someone at 95 strength and durability who also has flight, then the guy with Flight is probably overall more powerful. Heck, the guy with 85 strength and durability with 85 EP and flight is going to be more powerful as well, but certainly wouldn't be the equivalent of 85 flight + 85 strength and durability + 85 EP=255, 2.5X as powerful as the guy with 100 strength and durability...rather, it would be something like 1.2X (ballpark and arbitrary figure).