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        IMO power has a scope (or breadth, versatility, etc) factor as well as a magnitude factor. BOTH have to be considered when figuring out how powerful someone is overall. IMO this relationship is certainly nonlinear: a character with superstrength and durability =100 vs. a character with superstrength and durability =10, fireblast =10, flight = 10, energy drain/absorb=10, healing=10, speed 10, and a myriad of other powers at 10 or less aren't going to be equals...

        Someone with 100 strength and durability vs. someone at 95 strength and durability who also has flight, then the guy with Flight is probably overall more powerful. Heck, the guy with 85 strength and durability with 85 EP and flight is going to be more powerful as well, but certainly wouldn't be the equivalent of 85 flight + 85 strength and durability + 85 EP=255, 2.5X as powerful as the guy with 100 strength and durability...rather, it would be something like 1.2X (ballpark and arbitrary figure).

      I think that attempting to put some numbers on it is an interesting concept. I actually roleplay with some guys in a super-heroic settings and much of my opinions are based on the relativity that our system impose. It also forces us tu build heroes from the ground up, and see what succeeds, and what fails.

      Suppose, taking your numbers as a base, that character A has 34 pts worth of strenght, 33 for durability and 33 for fast flight, who faces characters B that has 5 of both strength and durability but 20 in mental powers and 20 in invisibility; Who wins?

      I say Character B, because his powers together forms something that character A cannot win over. Even if he is worth less.

      It is the synergy that counts when making a successful character, IMO. And nothing brings synergy better than a sound concept.

    ...because it will be easier to illustrate my point with someone familliar with RPG's. I totally agree with you that 2 build with an equal amount of points aren't always going to be as advantageous depending on the situation. However, even if one build is tailor to mop the floor with the other he is still it doesn't have to mean he is more powerful or even as powerful. I could make characters that have half the number of point some have and absolutely MURDER them. But the fact that I would murder them wouldn't change the fact that my 50 pts character isn't equal powerwise to a 100 pts character even if all their points are in physical super-attributes.

    In some situation having telepatic powers and invisibility will be less usefull than being thought and strong. For example, there is a cave-in and you are under 25 tons of rocks. If you miraculously survived with your puny durability you will still be stuck because rock don't have brains to blast out and being invisible is going to be quite innefective. Being strong and durable however is going to pay off big time in that case. If you only have 100 pts of strenght you are going to have a VERY hight score in it comparatively to the guy who bought telekinesis, mind blast and matter manip. In fact his powers might be so costly because so polyvalent that he would probably have a negligeable level in it that will make his build completely sucks.