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                  and he's certainly beyond anyone on the MU earth

                Sentry and WWH would eat him for dinner.

                Black Bolt would kill him with his voice.

                Strange or Wanda Maximoff would beat him with a single word.

                The list of people who would beat Superboy Prime is huge.

              Black Bolt's voice would kill him? Can it destroy a universe? Because Prime survived a universal blast from point blank range unscathed.

            I think one could interpret that Prime was destroyed by the blast but was plucked out of the voidby the time trapper. Or perhaps he was taken just before the blast. At any rate the nature of his reappearance in Legion of Three Worlds make it a bit dubious that he survived unaided a universe destroying blast and furthermore his showings against others do not support the notion that he has that kind of durability.

            I think BBs voice would mess him up bad and yeah I think a scream could conceivably kill him.

          When Time Trapper grabbed a hold of him, SBP's body appeared unconcious. This can only mean he survived the point blank initial impact. Time Trapper even says, "But now found," meaning SBP was probably drifting in limbo for a while. Seems pretty open and shut to me....

        SBP appearing unconscious could mean anything. He would probably appear unconscious if he was snatched out of time before the explosion or if he was floating among the debris of that universe. The nature of Monarchs "quantum energy" and the blast it generated are a big unknown. The energy released may have destroyed that reality in a fundamentally different way then one might think of an explosion destroying something. (The way SBP was disposed of by the Guardian in Sinestro Corps is a good example of this). The dialogue seemed to imply it was more of a "chain reaction" than an incredibly potent blast.

        At any rate SBP has been hurt by a lot less than a universe destroying blast (Connor Kent etc) and to suggest that you need a universe destroying weapon to kill him is not backed up by his showings against others.

      You're suggesting Time Trapper just HAPPENED to find him at the exact point in time when Monarch's body exploded? Seems way too coincidental and suggestive to believe this. The chain reaction may be a legitimate argument, though. At any rate, it's an uber durability feat.

    More like its possible that Time Trapper retrieved him just before he would have been destroyed. I just think its a durability feat with a big question mark hanging over it and it its misleading to suggest that Prime could only be killed by force that would destroy a universe. I think he could very well be beaten to death by someone strong enough without the universe suffering.

You basically repeated what I said in a dressed up fashion. The initial moment of a blast is always the point of most powerful impact. Time Trapper would have needed to teleport his body at the moment of explosion or fractions of a second thereafter, no way to get around this. I thought I was generous to concede the chain reaction nature of the blast to water it down, but I see that there's no conceding with you.

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