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Subj: Confused by one thing here........
Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 at 06:39:32 pm EST (Viewed 89 times)
Reply Subj: Forced To Use The Hammer's Vast Ressources, This Thor Does Rather Well
Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 at 03:32:59 pm EST (Viewed 87 times)

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    Lets drop Thor's strength and duribility down to that of Conan's. He still gets to use Mjolnir as well as he usually does. It is simply the strength and duribility of a god that he is denied.

    Thor w/o his Strength & Duribility

    vs [not a gauntlet]

    1. Green Lantern [Kyle]

The Rings undoubtely are more toolific than the Hammer, but the Hammer commands raw manipulation of fundamental forces; Thor is beaten down until he figures out he can drain the Ring's juice, then his barbarian physique is enough to overcome Kyle. If it was Hal, it would be harder.

    2. Magneto

Using the environment, Magneto entraps Thor after an interesting exchange

    3. Hercules

I fear Herc might beat Thor here.

    4. Ironman

Thor wins by energic manipulations, between two deflections.

    5. Thing

Once again, this Thor will have troubles when facing bona fide bricks like the Thing. Unless he BFR him, but we all know here that BFRs are no real victories...

    6. Wolverine

Thor should lose; Wolverine is a skilled HTH fighter - what this Thor is no more. And Wolverine has no outside power source that Mjolnir can target.

    7. Dr. Strange

He's got good chances vs Strange; Mjolnir should be comfortable in this kind of fight.

    8. Spiderman

I favor Spiderman, for the same reasons I favored Wolverine.

    9. Namor

And Namor, too.

    10. Thor [with all his strength and duribility but no Mjolnir]

Well, in this case, I favor Mjolnir.

I'm surprised you favor Herc, Namor, Spider-Man, Thing, etc. over this version of Thor but favor this Thor over Thor w/o Mjolnir.
My guess is Thor w/o Mjolnir is a more powerful brick than the Thing and about dead even with Herc (with a very slight edge to Herc in strength and fighting skill, maybe, but realllly slight).

What was your reasoning on this matter?