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Subj: Fair and Unbiased Answers
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Reply Subj: Mjolnir without the power of thor?
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Lets drop Thor's strength and duribility down to that of Conan's. He still gets to use Mjolnir as well as he usually does. It is simply the strength and duribility of a god that he is denied.

Thor w/o his Strength & Duribility

vs [not a gauntlet]

1. Green Lantern [Kyle]

2. Magneto

3. Hercules

4. Ironman

5. Thing

6. Wolverine

7. Dr. Strange

8. Spiderman

9. Namor

10. Thor [with all his strength and duribility but no Mjolnir]

1. Green Lantern [Kyle
Kyle may win a slight majority just because he's used to being a normal powered dude with an u ber weapon

2. Magneto
This is the part I've never understood. Magneto is a fairly frail dude with uber powers. Thor is Conan level with one of the most pwerful weapons ever yet no one gives him a chance against Mags. Thor 6/10
3. Hercules
Thor just relentlessly hits him with lightning strikes and antiforce until he falls.
4. Ironman

Thor taking out Ironman last they fought had nothing to do with his strength but a massive strike that shorted out the armor. Can't see why he wouldn't be able to do it again
Same as Herc except easier. Thing can't withstand even half the hammers attacks6.

Thor absolutely fries Wolverine. Everyone seems to forget Thor can still fly with the hammer. Wolvy is at a massive disadvantage. A couple of lightning strikes and Logan is down for the count


Spidey can't dodge hurricane winds and lightning at the same time. He goes down, Thor has the sense to stay airborne making it hard for Spidey to get within striking range.