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Subj: Skyfather definition:
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 11:49:12 am EST (Viewed 18 times)
Reply Subj: Thanos is Skyfather level (my argument)
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 08:04:16 am EST (Viewed 188 times)

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Ok so I know Thanos is mainly considered to be at Teambuster level on the boards but I tend to think we are selling him short has he has a lot more going for him than say WWH or Doomsday.

I happen to think Thanos crosses over into the Skyfather level category, Im not saying he's up there with Odin but I do think he makes it in to the low end - heres a few reasons why (& a couple of links):

-Able to physically match both Thor and Thing pre-resurrection
-Knocks the Champion of the Universe flying back with one punch (Earth heroes had a job to hurt him with punches)
-Holds back both Hulk and Thing in Infinity Crusade

-Unharmed by Surfers blast
-Survives blasts from Omega and Galactus both top end Cosmics
-Survives Blasts and physical attacks by Tyrant and Odin both High end Skyfather level beings
-Absorbed the Heart of the Universe
-Survived a black hole with a few cuts and bruises

Energy Projection
-Blasts Galactus out of his ship and across a planet
-Helps Free in-betweener from his 'prison construct'
-Destroys an ironman level being with one shot
-KOs Thing and Thor with eye beams

Energy Manipulation
-Turns a Skrull to stone
- Thanos created a house from nothing (Infinity Abyss)
-Heals the Cleric of wounds (Thanos series)
-Shuts down the Beyonder and traps her inside of herself
- Stops Thors hammer by raising his hand

Intelligence - where to start...
-Found the biological application of the Power Cosmic
-Created a Galactus Clone (however absurd)
-Gained Godhood/Omnipotence 3 times
-Has the knowledge stolen from the 'Oracle', from the Infinity well etc
-Galactus accepts to follow Thanos' lead against Hunger due to Thanos' understanding of inter-dimensional parasitic creatures lol
-Outsmarting the Elders of the Universe

Mind powers
-Defeated Moondragon in a mind duel
-Destroys Pips mind
-Mentally enslaves the Fallen (a Herald level being)
-Destroys Drax's Mind

-Teleportation tech (huge range)
-Forcefields capable of with standing a shot from Galactus and Omega
-Forcefields capable of imprisoning Hulk and Namor
-Gun capable of Imprisoning Thor with Power Gem and Warriors Madness
-Ship capable of withstanding full attack by Rigellian fleet with no damage

Fighting Skills
-Takes on most deadly mercenary Armies in the Universe on his own and wins
-Takes on Thousands of Magus' followers and wins
-Trained Gamora
-Takes on Thing and Thor together
-Takes on Power Gem wielding Warriors MAdness Thor one on one
-Punches Mar-Vell from the Moon to Earth

Life creation
-Created Mystic Clones of himself including a Galactus Level being

Thanks to the various people who the Scans belong to - they are not mine \:\)

Feel free to add your own examples I've just put up what came to mind.


Thanos has done a majority of the feats below but not all and with Thanos sometimes you can't be sure which he does with tech which are his own natural power. He can manipulate molecules but I don't think he can create something from nothing like Odin.

The term can also be applied to other fictions for beings in a similar class of power. Typical skyfather - level abilities include:

- Galaxy busting power
- Limited reality warping (from planetary through multi - galactic, less than universal)
- Often some type of time manipulation (timestop, time travel, etc.)
- Usually a good degree of matter/energy manipulation (such as transmutation)
- Often a high degree of psychic powers, often capable of affecting at least entire planets
- Sometimes have the ability to imbue other beings with a portion of their power
- Breaking the Law of Causality (Odin with Odinforce creating planets out of nothing)

Examples of Skyfather - level beings:

Azora, Elune, and a few others from Warcraft
Charon and Danik from Crossgen Comics
Eru Iluvatar from the Tolkienverse is be considered a low - tier skyfather
Darkseid (classic levels), Highfather, Ganthet, Shazam, Monarch, and many others from DC Comics
God - Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40,000 (since he lacks galaxybusting or other galaxy - effecting powers, he can be considered a low - tier skyfather.) Also the Chaos Gods and Void Dragon might qualify
Majin Dark Schneider with the Dragon Knight Lucifer, Fallen Uriel, Satan, and others from Bastard!!
Odin, Surtur, Zeus, Vishnu, Walker, and many others from Marvel Comics
Pyron from Darkstalkers
Spawn (King of Hell Arc), and many others from Image Comics
The Data Integrated Sentient Entity from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Various gods and cosmic beings from Saint Seiya

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