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Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 03:08:30 pm EST (Viewed 38 times)
Reply Subj: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 01:14:48 pm EST (Viewed 245 times)

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It depends on which context you mean, I think he could only make it longterm if he was given a power-up, or at least written to a higher level.
He's a good enough character to exist anywhere and be succesful but if taken into context within that universes inherent structure he would suffer in terms of physical comparison as the toptier there is prodigiously powerful and provenly getting moreso every year.
If this was the late 80s or Early 90s he'd fit in perfectly in my view as the powerlevels were more muted back then, Superman could lift mountains but planetary masses were out of the question for example so the Hulk would be reasonably competitive to one degree or another and would give anyone a fight, right now though even the likes of Power Girl can catch city sized spaceships while the Hulk struggles with a mere mountain if you take the recent Secret Wars retelling as canon. He doesn't have the depth or frequency of showings to convince he's on a physical keel with the likes of Superman & his numerous peers so his longterm survival in a world of Supermen and Magical characters is going to be in doubt when he's put into contest against them. He's just too limited in what he can do & physically take.

I've no need to go into his lack of any superspeed (an obvious major problem) and likewise his invulnerability is nowhere near Supermans or Doomsdays for example, he's in line with Mongul or Kalibak in terms of Power and unfortunatly they're both fairly low down in terms of threat level to the toptier these days with even Green Lantern comfortably beating both in the past.
Like them he can be stopped by something as banal as a gas explosion and like them he has no answer to the speed, mobility and physical power a Wonder Woman or superman bring to bear. He'd need to be written to a higher level altogether to make a real physical impact in this environment and survive on his own terms.

Amazing. You keep mentioning a gas explosion without mentioning the explosion being nuclear level and totally not mentioning Superman being KOed by an normal gas station explosion. We have Superman being out quicked and tossed by a gorilla and Dr. Light KOing him, but you can only harp on Hulk's "low" showings and exaggerate how low they are on top of that.

You keep mentioning a "mere mountain" while ignoring the movement of tectonic plates (continent level).

Hulk doesn't need to be written at any other level than he is now to compete and be a major force. We see this when he fights Sentry, when he fights Gladiator, when he fights Hyperion, when he fights Thor, Zom, the Cosmic Order, Onslaught, Juggernaut, a double powered Abomination, etc. Hulk is easily in line with Konvikt with the potential to go beyond.

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