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Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 05:22:55 pm EST (Viewed 35 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 04:24:37 pm EST (Viewed 199 times)

    I keep mentioning Gas explosions because he has a solid history of being troubled by them. That's not me making stuff up it's right there throughout his History!

No, it's you making things up. Again, you ignore the nuclear level of the explosion that was felt in other countries. You ignore the numerous surviving of nuclear blasts.

    I've told you before - there is a WORLD of difference between Superman beaing Koed but once by a Gas explosion fighting Doomsday (Inarguably the single toughest opponent he's ever fought barring superboy-Prime) and of seeing the Hulk being Koed by one fighting.... Machine Man. Or Iron man. \(euh\)

Superman was KOed in the early parts of that fight and it amazes me that you can't fathom the difference between a gas station explosion and the explosion of the high yield fuel of a space ship; an explosion felt in other nations. Wow.

    And how on earth do you extrapolate Dr Lights use of his power as a low showing? Or this Gorilla example of which I have no idea what you're talking about!

How do you extrapolate an explosion of a nuclear level blast as a low showing and of course, your selective memory wipes out the actual post I made on the JLA issue where a Gorilla that Batman is able to toss and flip is able to slip Superman's punch and toss him. Are you not also familiar with Superman straining to lift a helicopter a few years ago? If was like you, I would define Superman based solely on that the way that you fanboyishly define Marvel characters solely based on the lowest showings you can find.

    Superman has precious few samples of a genuinely crap showings, the Hulk by contrast has oodles.... he just isn't seen as that consistent overall unlike Superman.

Wonder Woman has "oodles" as well as Orion, yet your DC bias doesn't acknowledge. Plus, you fail to acknowledge the dynamic nature of Hulk and you tend to overlook how he does against ubers. Thus, you never mention Onslaught, Drax, Zom, The Cosmic Order, Juggernaut, Sentry, Gladiator, Hyperion, The Super Adaptoid, Thor, The Destroyer, Fing Fang Foom, etc.

    And I won't dwell on the Hulk Vs. the Pet Dragon either....

I won't dwell on the gorilla. How about dwelling of fing fang foom's fire that Hulk ignored or Torch's nova blast?


      You keep mentioning a "mere mountain" while ignoring the movement of tectonic plates (continent level).

    Yes, Because I have no, i mean NO, idea how big a feat that really is. See previous posts to you where I explain why i never bring up similar hard to gauge feats such as Superman holding Black Holes (JLA #77) or him shoving a proto solar system into space (Trinity #2) or Him shatteering the barriers of Time/Space when fighting Kal-L.

Apples and oranges. Hulk moved an object that falls within a certain size range. It's like moving a mountain. We know that a mountain has a certain size range. Same for a moon. Tectonic plates have the same and one that devastates a planet larger than Earth must be pretty big. You are in denial.

    And in any case pulling tectonic plates is not halfway as impressive as being a substantial part in pulling a planetary body, several times over.

Actually, someone calculated the size of a large plate to be not much smaller than moon size and when you consider the 'dumbbell fly' motion Hulk uses to move two plates (one in each arm), it would equate to strength to actually body press many multiple times that weight.


      Hulk doesn't need to be written at any other level than he is now to compete and be a major force. We see this when he fights Sentry, when he fights Gladiator, when he fights Hyperion, when he fights Thor, Zom, the Cosmic Order, Onslaught, Juggernaut, a double powered Abomination, etc. Hulk is easily in line with Konvikt with the potential to go beyond.

    Really?! Is that why he has to get a power-up to get past the Namor/Hercules/Thor level he normally maxes out at?

As much as you ignore it, the recent Loeb issue shows Hulk overpowering a wet Namor. And history shows that Hulk does not "max out" at Thor and Hercules level. He often fights them at their level, but that is not his max. We have seen him surpass that level. He was past that level against Onslaught. He was heading toward Destroyer level against The Destroyer. We can go on. Plus, why do you practice the strawman of ignoring Mjolnir when analyzing Thor? Hulk has stalemated a Mjolnir wielding Thor. Mjolnir has more destructive power than Superman.

    You're looking at a character who can get major problems from Wolverine, Doc Samson or Iron Man and none of those would last 30 seconds against a Konvikt or Doomsday type brick who can tear the JLA apart and fight Superman for hours non-stop.

But it is a character who has stalemate the Super Adaptiod with the power of numerous avengers, has smashed Onslaught, has KOed members of the Cosmic Order, has stalemated Sentry, has defeated Gladiator, has stalemated Juggernaut, has handled The Avengers, etc.

    I have never seen Namor/Thor/the Hulk or Thor display planetary level strength the way Superman has, and not all the fan-waffle in the world is going to change that fundamental fact. They've had over 45 year to impress their strength/Durability level onto us, and that level is nothing like Superman proven track record these last 15+ years.

Drax has ripped the core out of a star. That Surpasses anything Superman has done. That Drax destroyed a planet fighting Thanos. Merged Hulk has stalemated that very Drax and Thor has beaten him.

You have not seen Doomsday display planetary level strength. Same for Captain Marvel, Black Adam, Orion, Darkseid, The General, Zod, etc.

    As i keep saying you are more than welcome to your own ideas on these characters, but at no time have you even come close to supplying a realistic argument for the Hulk or Thors physical superiority over a Supermaan or Mr Majstic powerhouse. The argument just isn't there.

It has been done over and over yet you have selective memory and selective reading.

    If there's one thing apparent it's the wide gap between what obsessives like you want the character to be and what he actually is.

Don't even try it. You have been and still are an obsessive DC fanboy and a specific Hulk detractor and it is clear that you are going to attempt to finagle DC superiority even when it means closing your eyes to evidence that is right in front of you and putting up scans that are irrelevant to the discussions.

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