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Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 06:24:55 pm EST (Viewed 27 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 05:47:49 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)

    Okay Primetime, I'm not going down this route with you again where I dilligently answer every challenge and query put to me and you unable to reply adequately call me every insult under the sun...

Says the man calling folks "obsessives". Selective memory at its best.

    I have lost count of the sheer number of times we have had this conversation, where you whinge about the DCU toptier being no stronger than MU toptier yet supply absolutely no substantive argument to go with it. I'm tired of it.

Yes I have. You just pretend not to see it.

    I repeat - over 45 years of continuity and yet nothing that shows Thor or the Hulk as on the level of a Superman/Majestic type powerhouse.

Yes there is. Stop being so dishonest.

    It's like arguing the Hulk is stronger than Nefaria, Kurse or Sentry, it really is that dumb and illogical.... If the guys biggest feat to date in his entire 45 years is he busts a gut just keeping a Mountain(range) from imploding on him how in the world can that square with near planet movers/wreckers like Superman/Majestic? It Does not Compute.

Why would Hulk be weaker than Sentry and Nefaria. They have no bigger strength feats nor strength feats as big. Hulk stalemated Sentry. Seems that this proves that you go by your own personal perception that has no bases in evidence. Everyone is stronger than Hulk because you don't like the character.

That's bigger that Doomsday's biggest feat. Bigger than Orion's biggest feat. Bigger that Black Adam's biggest feat. Same for Darkseid, The General, Captain Marvel, etc.

The tectonic plate feat was bigger. The smashing of the asteroid was bigger than the planet moving feats.

Can you describe a means by which Hulk can move a planet since he cannot fly and tell name one other non-flyer has moved a planet?

Now him voicing fear of military is evidence? LOL Can you be specific with the Iron Man issue. We know that Tony KOed Hulk by directing all his power and he knocked himself out in the process. Can you point out the "gas" part. Same for the Machine Man issue. I'm sure you have scans. All that you have substantiated is the nuclear level gas blast. I want to know specifically where the other gas blasts are.

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