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Subj: I Knew It!
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 08:01:12 pm EST (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Yes of Course, Even Better If He Was Beefed Up Though.
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LoL!!! I Knew this dodge would happen! I even predicted it.... \:\)

But Okay, Here goes.

    Why do you post Superman pounding the moon and nothing happening beyond what J'onn supposedly anticipated would happen? Blue Marvel did that.

I keep posting it as it is evidence Primetime and so far as I'm aware Blue Marvel is not Thor or the Hulk any more than the Hulk rivals Sentry. I think the fact Blue Marvel has never reapeared and doesn't look likely to says something. Like Hyperion, Gladiator or Sentry these characters start out Uber and go down from there...
We know after a powered Up hulk stalemates Sentry that a normal Hulk should logically be flatout floored by him. That's what Sentry's position in the MU earth is after all - top dog plot killer.

I post it as but one component of my contribution to showing Supermans powerlevel (see above post where you flat-out say you have evidence Thor/the Hulk rival Supermans powerlevel. But not surprisingly don't want to divulge it).
That feat is just one of Supermans, one of a string of feats he shows quite regularly and consistently and are a very accurate and reliable measuring stick of his average powerlevel.
If all Superman had on this scale was that Moon moving feat back in JLA 56 we would not be having this discussion i can assure you but the frequency of Supermans feats makes any downplaying of them impossible. It is like trying to argue the Silver Surfer is no more powerful than Firestorm. Illogical.

    Why do you keep posting where Black Racer's energy release scars the moon?

See above. These are just three feats I selected to back up my point, there are many many more. As you well know.

    When is that Majestic feat. Isn't it during his pre-DC days?

It is during his initial series, so far as I know it is still canon and has never been said to be out. It tallies just fine with his subsequent feats in all his series since and at one point he is seen taking an explosion that obliterates the earth & Moon and this is the extreme level he has been played on consistently.

    And isn't that an obscure issue of Superman and GL's flashback?

What? JLA #29 from earlier this year?

    Post Hulk destroying an asteroid 2X Earth's size.

I could, but then i can also post a scan of Iron Man destroying a mountain the size of a city from Avengers Annual #16. What does it prove? Especially when it isn't indicative of eithers norm?

    Post Gladiator destroying a planet with punches.

I can do that too, but again this is not his norm. Defalco's Thor would be dead if it was, Ditto Jurgens Thor.... or the Hulk.

    Post Drax ripping the core out of a star.

Why? What has this to do with Thor or the Hulk?

    Post Drax and Thanos destroying a planet.

See above. I never said Superman etc are stronger than ANYONE in the MU I said he is demonstrable more powerful physically than the earthbased tier.

    Post Terrax splitting a planet.

See above.

You have just proved my point to a Tee with this post.

The simple fact is the only time the Hulk has shown he might have planetary level strength is right there in the meltdown issue of World War Hulk, In that lone issue under very singular and likely unrepeatable conditions you get something roughly on the scale of Supermans feats up there in my post above.

But under any normal circumstance he and Thor etc have never shown that level of sheer power, and it's not as if anybody could succesfully argue the Hulk has been holding out the last 45 years.(rasta)

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