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Subj: Re: So if the Tick was in DC, he'd be Superman-level? Spooooon!. nt
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 08:15:02 pm EST (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So if the Tick was in DC, he'd be Superman-level? Spooooon!. nt
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 06:27:16 pm EST (Viewed 162 times)

    1] The Axis Mundi is explained in Hercules as he tries to stop the Amazons from stealing its power, the Axis is a metaphysical place that divides the domains of Zeus, Neptune & Pluto. There-in sits Atlas as a prisoner. At no time is it said he HAS to keep the heavens held up and indeed when the Amazons free him the sky didn't exactly fall in after all... \:\-

The Axis Mundi is described in issue 121 as "the center of the world, separating father sky from mother Earth" the issue says that Atlas was "condemned by Zeus to forever bear the heavens on his shoulders".

The Surface world was shared equally between the three gods. The boundaries of the surface world were established by the flight lines of two eagles and where they met was declared the center of the world. It is there they called the Axis Mundi and where Atlas was condemned to "hold the heavens aloft".

Atlas was freed by the use of the power of the Omphalos to free him from his burden. If Atlas had simply moved, the sky and Earth would have met.

    Clearly common-sense says if Hercules really was that strong he'd have smoked the Hulk every time out - He can't even heft a mere Mountain(range) after all.... and neither could Hercules pull manhattan together despite a considerable time to do it in.

Wow, not you have gone into silly mode. If Superman was strong enough to move a planetary body, he would have never struggled with a helicopter nor the falling space ship. And Hercules succeeded in holding the city together until the chains broke.

    2] The Tectonic Plate feat is unquantifiable. I am not psychic and neither are you, give it up, the information just isn't there to measure it.

Planets have no weight. Thus, the planet moving is unquantifiable right?

    3] Gladiators Planet destroying feat is right there in print but how many writers do you think referenced it in their portrayal? Why Should Gladiator be struggling to lift mere debris in the War of Kings aftermath? It is but one showing that is not typical of his average since, that is the point.

Why did Superman struggle to lift a helicopter or hold the space ship? Clearly, planetary bodies are not his average. And to play you game, the narration in She-Hulk declared Gladiator able to rip stars and the FF issue implies that he contained a super-nova. Heck, the current Imperial Guard mini, Gladiator lifts a larger object casually with no struggle and flies with it. This is under the same writers. Clearly, as stated, he was struggling against the instability of the debris as opposed to the weight.

    Don't you dare keep accusing me of singling out low showings, Lieing or Hypocrisy when you are guilty of only wanting the best stuff to be considered as the Norm.

No, I compare the best to the best while you compare the best of those you like to the worst of those you don't like. And best of those you don't like, you tend to ignore.

    What good is it if the Hulk takes a Novablast once but subsequent issues have him Koed or injured by Gastank explosions, Pet Dragons and Adamantium Shrapnel, or less.

You are ridiculous. I showed you before PAD's recent issue of Hulk not even flinching from a full blast from Fing Fang Foom and brushing off fire bombings in Planet Hulk. I show hiw walking fully flamed from an explosion to continue beating on Thor. Hell, Lockheed was helpless against Hulk during WWH/X-Men. You harp on a high yield space craft fuel explosion that is felt around the world and you REFUSE to acknowledge the power of that explosion. Yet you make up an excuse for Superman being KOed early in his fight by a regular gas station explosion. And ADAMANTIUM is a metal in Marvel that is made to be irresistible. He immediately recovered and continued kicking butt. Desperate measure on your part.

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