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Subj: Re: The whole point of my post, DaveyM, was that engaging with you...
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 09:11:47 pm EST (Viewed 122 times)
Reply Subj: The whole point of my post, DaveyM, was that engaging with you...
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 08:39:56 pm EST (Viewed 134 times)

    Quote: an exercise in futility.

It's not an excercise in Futility. Don't let your head be turned by obsessives like Primetime (whom you never utter a word to chastise) who distort these threads into pointless squabbling and tangents, he's nuts, And admittedly I should know better than to get up to him repeatedly. Unfortunatly some people are hard to ignore when they follow you as obsessively and without fail as he does.

    Much as Fifthchild stated, you cherry-pick feats and put up this demeanor that your opinion and your version of "the facts" are an immaculate temple to which anyone that disagrees with you is wholly unworthy.

No, I don't cherrypick. The fact is that Supermans physical feats are so prevailent it is near impossible to cherrypick - because they are essentially his norm unlike something Gladiator/Hulk did once in a Back-up story in 'Marvel Presents' 15 or so years ago.... the Silver Surfer has only shown Planetary level firepower twice (Annual#7 & Annihilation) but no one doubts he has that power, why is there this glaring double standard for Superman then.

The Feats are just one layer that show Supermans increasing powerlevel though, his fights with opponents are another and one that i have also pointed out particularly with his gradual overtaking of Darkseid and Daxamites.
It's like I said - if all superman had as a highend feat was the moon moving thing back in JLA 56 we would not be having this discussion probobly. One highend feat from ages ago does not a Planetary level powerhouse make, it takes the frequency of them to convince.
But as i've repeatedly pointed out Superman (and other DCUers) have been jacked up in terms of power to such a degree I just don't necessarilly see a means of comparison anymore to MU toptier.
If this was oldschool Pre-DoS superman it would be a level playing field pretty much but just these last two or three years alone DC have unequivocally laid down the law on Supermans powerlevel with feats that are rivalling the Silver Surfers level - not Namors or the Hulks!

And that is purely my point. The gradual escalation in powerlevel over the last 15 years in undeniable.

    Also - when someone does present 'evidence' that at least presents a credible argument to be discussed you:

    1) You put unfavorable conditions upon the discussion. For example, not too long ago your response to a Thor fan was to demand what Thor's done in the last two years. Nevermind that in this very thread (and others) that you've stated that neither Thor, Namor or Hulk has had any significant powerups in the last 30 years. How does someone argue against a circular argument like that? If there's been no power ups, why put conditions on feats? Ugh.

No i refute that totally, I am sure i never "demanded what Thor's done in the last two years", in the last *25* years maybe yes but I would not say what you pin on me there as it's totally absurd to do so. I keep getting this sort of stuff attributed to me but notably no one ever sources it.

And I'm puzzled by the latter part of that comment. I've laid out Supermans power-ups numerous times, Infinite Crisis sort of reset it all anyway, but if you have a character who in the span of 25 years has gone from Byrne's mountain mover to todays near planet mover I fail to see any unreasonable commentary being made. It is a perfectly legitimate point to make that he has quantum leaped in power, much like the Surfer being more powerful with Annihilation.

    2) You regularly deride anyone that likes the Hulk, Marvel, et al. and don't hesitate to make the argument about the posters rather than whether or not their argument has merit. You're so biased AGAINST some posters that you can't get over yourself enough to admit when one of their feats is legit. Like it or not, the Hulk-club is much better about acknowledging non-Hulk feats than you ever are at giving the Hulk even faint praise.

Jaysin looking at the consistently shite attitude of the likes of Artteacher (whom i have persistently tried to settle with via PM), Primetime, Fifthchild, HMB, ODH, do you seriously have any wonder i have become so stubborn and entrenched?
How many years has the Hulk been worshipped over the top here by a sizable Vocal majority? Yet you and the rest gripe when someone (i.e. Me) tries the shoe on the other foot.

These sort of posters have become the whetstone I sharpen myself on. Every time out i get leaner, more determined and more precise in my arguments, though unfortunatly debating with the likes of Primetime is an instantly self defeating excercise, one i regrettably keep falling for. But if these kind won't leave it alone, so be it.

    3) You run away. Let that sink in for a bit. Whenever anyone with similar 'scan skillz' challenges you to duel, you pack up camp and high tail it to another thread. I've seen several posters put up multiple scans to counter your points and once you get bail. Now I don't consider myself one of those folks, mostly because I can't be bothered to learn how to post scans nor break out my collection and scan pages every time I want to prove a point...but I very much admire those amongst you that do. What I find interesting, however, is that you rarely engage with Incriptus, LGU, Maestro or others like that who can match you scan for scan. You, instead, like to act like an internet tough guy and bash those of us that don't post scans...and decry us for not providing 'evidence', though most of the time you know exactly what we're talking about scan or no scan.

Well the fact is me and Maestro agreed to disagree years ago hence we rarely if ever cross the others orbit, i don't think there's any bad blood in there or anything just an understanding. And I have never, and i mean NEVER, ignored Majestros or Inscriptus, don't know where you get that idea from as I admire both a great deal. Though since both post only occasionally that might explain your misconception. I think you have to understand the reality that i, as with many others, do not have the time or inclination to follow posters or threads around. I tend to stick to myself for the most part.

    Normally I think you provide an interesting point of view, but all of your other behaviors really just make me want to avoid this particular board. It's much easier to avoid you and engage with those that I might disagree with, but find the tone to be much more civil. I don't mind being wrong - heck, that's the best way to learn something. What I mind is being condescended to...and I can't have a discussion with you or read your posts without at some point you being condescending or abusive.

That's fair enough, but instead of bad mouthing me just ignore why not. I have never called you to my knowledge so why the attitude to me. It seems to have become fashionable to do so but considering the posters (and their noted Allegiances) who are doing it I take it as a sign of a Job well done on my part. Clearly I am succeeding at hammering my points uncomfortably home. Good.

It seems to me if i was praising the Hulk instead of Superman it would be a totally different story. In fact i'm 100% sure it would be.
But I can no sooner deny the extent of Supermans power up than i can deny the level the Silver Surfer operates on and there are too many people here who just shoot their mouth off with no desire to back up anything they say, I at least go for broke.

Still, I agree I do occasionally go OTT with it, but with some of the lunatics and borderline trolls operating here it is alas easy to fall into the trap....

    Quote: in closing, I'm not whining about you long distance. I'm telling you to your face - debating you isn't fun. It's a pain and a chore. I turn on my computer for entertainment, not to be told by some faux-authority how I'm supposed to enjoy my chosen hobby.

    The last word is yours. After all, it's back onto the ignore list, so I can't read nor respond. Enjoy!

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