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      No I don't disregard it, I measure it! You as seen here just gloss over it. Quite apart from the sight of Hercules (who is Thors peer) and the Avengers strongest being needed to beat Superman down and out you get the sight of an absolutley shattered Thor giving one last effort only to be beaten fair and square by an opponnent who's physical might he is absolutley stunned by....

    What are you talking about? The Avengers had nothing to do with the fight. The fight was over when they jumped in. They helped Thor none. What they were able to do to Superman was an indication of the condition Superman was in at the end of the fight. And while Thor was stunned by what Superman was able to do at the end (which seems to have distracted Thor enough to get punched), Superman felt at the end that Thor was the toughest opponent he had ever faced.

Congatulations. This might just be the most ridiculous and self-defeating post you've ever made.

Superman barely beat Thor in that fight. After the fight was over, the Avengers jumped on Superman. Superman was exhausted and went down easy after the Avengers jumped on him. The reason why Superman was exhausted was because he and Thor are peers and the fight with Thor took a lot out of him. I bet Herc with his mace could have put Supes down by himself, or Iron Man, or Wonderman by themselves. But all the Avengers jumped in because they all have such a love for Thor. Your scan supports what Primetime said. It doesn't defeat him.

Daveym, no one doubts you have extensive knowledge. And an impressive collection. But the doubt lies in the logic behind some of your interpretations. Here is one flaw in your logic which others, including myself, have pointed out regarding how these characters compare:

You've asked for evidence that Thor, Hulk, Namor, Herc, etc, can match Supes' strength feats in recent years. For example, you assume Thor cannot pull a planet (with the same help Supes had I assume) until we actually see him do it. And until that happens he can't be as strong as Superman. But here's the rub. Have we ever seen Darkseid pull a planet? Have we ever seen Kalibak or Mongul pull a planet? What about Captain Marvel? Going by your own logic, none of those characters are peers of Superman in the strength department because they don't have the feats to back it up.

But we know that's not true. We know, given the way they've interacted, that they are peers in strength. Same with Thor. We can tell, from the way the Thor/Superman fight went, that they must be relative peers in strength. Thus, we know that Herc must be Supes' relative peer. And Hulk must be his relative peer. Based on the way these characters have interacted with each other for 45 years.

This has been brought up many times and I've yet to see you address this counterargument.

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