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    Superman barely beat Thor in that fight. After the fight was over, the Avengers jumped on Superman. Superman was exhausted and went down easy after the Avengers jumped on him. The reason why Superman was exhausted was because he and Thor are peers and the fight with Thor took a lot out of him. I bet Herc with his mace could have put Supes down by himself, or Iron Man, or Wonderman by themselves. But all the Avengers jumped in because they all have such a love for Thor. Your scan supports what Primetime said. It doesn't defeat him.

And I disagree completely! If an allout Thor with Hammer charged etc cannot overcome Superman and it takes that squad of Avengers to do the deed it makes no sense at all that they would choose to beat a defeated opponent THAT hard. Heck look at Hercs Mace for an idea of the ferocity packed into that attack - You're saying the Avengers would beat/kill a weakened opponent like that just because he'd rendered Thor unconcious in a fair fight?! That wasn't a known scumbag villain like Nefaria or Ultron so the rationale doesn't add up.
I Just Don't agree with the logic.

    Daveym, no one doubts you have extensive knowledge. And an impressive collection. But the doubt lies in the logic behind some of your interpretations. Here is one flaw in your logic which others, including myself, have pointed out regarding how these characters compare:

    You've asked for evidence that Thor, Hulk, Namor, Herc, etc, can match Supes' strength feats in recent years. For example, you assume Thor cannot pull a planet (with the same help Supes had I assume) until we actually see him do it. And until that happens he can't be as strong as Superman. But here's the rub. Have we ever seen Darkseid pull a planet? Have we ever seen Kalibak or Mongul pull a planet? What about Captain Marvel? Going by your own logic, none of those characters are peers of Superman in the strength department because they don't have the feats to back it up.

Well turn that around and apply it to Marvel for a second - I've never seen Mangog do anything but beat Thor up... so is he not going to be merely *equal* to Juggernaut or Perrikus for example?
I've never seen any evidence Thor or Namor could even remotely show Sentry's physical superiority over the opponents he's crushed - How am I wrong to say therefore Sentry is clearly way stronger than them?
I have never seen Namor unequivocally lift a mountain whereas The Hulk arguably has shown the capacity to, so is Namor the clear inferior? Ditto Thor etc?

I only *know* that Namor is as strong as Thor/The Hulk because they have met and fought, Just as I only know Superman & Captain Marvel even out because they have met and fought. Just as I can only call Majestic/Apollo as they too have fought.
The rest HAS to be down to what the characters have been seen to do and what their average performance is. That is the only method to deciding whether Thor can match a Dragonball character or Wonderman is any match for Omni-Man, the evidence showns Omni-man would kill Wonderman but according to your philosophy Wonderman would actually be a match, and that is absurd.

That is not using provenance and it is not certainly not evaluating the facts between the two given characters. That is what I strongly object to - If I see Superman taking a star exploding on him and him sandwiched between two planets both in the same year among a trend for similar feats stretching back years I then have actual inarguable proof he can survive the Silver Surfers Morg/Ravenous takedowns where he detonates a planet.... whereas with Thor or the Hulk I have no such evidence and no reason to think such a thing possible! It's like arguing Wonderman or Ben Grimm can take a Nuke, where's the reason for even thinking it?

I would love to see someone try and argue that, maybe i'll start a thread.... I continually marvel at the fact despite his now prodigous track record so many just lump Superman with Wonderman more or less. Given the Silver Surfer as an example has shown planetary level firepower only twice in his entire carreer why does the same rule no apply to him I wonder.

    But we know that's not true. We know, given the way they've interacted, that they are peers in strength. Same with Thor. We can tell, from the way the Thor/Superman fight went, that they must be relative peers in strength. Thus, we know that Herc must be Supes' relative peer. And Hulk must be his relative peer. Based on the way these characters have interacted with each other for 45 years.

The problem by proxy is if you yourself take crossovers as literal in the way you're doing you still have to accept that Superman logically would crush the Hulk/Namor/Gladiator etc as THEY have never proved as convincingly superior to Thor as Superman eventually did. Thor laid on everything in that fight, and it wasn't enough.

    This has been brought up many times and I've yet to see you address this counterargument.

I just did. Not for the first time either.

If you think Thor somehow rivals Superman physically solely because of JLAvengers that's no buisiness of mine. What i strongly object to is the hopscotch logic you employ to justify the rest. Luke Cage Has matched Ben Grimm/Ironclad/Rhino/the Hulk/Hiroim - so is Cage actually class 90+?
I've seen Wolverine & Samson Match the Hulk - But are they peers?

If the Hulk can shatter Continents/Mountain ranges/planets or whatever on an Ad-Hoc basis what was the OTT Worldbreaker phase about? Why was it necessary?
If you're saying evidence is a mere formality to saying 'x' equaly to 'Y' what is the point of this board? I can just say "Savage Dragon beats the Hulk" using that approach.... because using your notion anything goes.

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