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Subj: Yet It's So Simple
Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 03:16:36 pm CST (Viewed 106 times)
Reply Subj: Not To Me!
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    So Where was Superman having trouble with a Helicopter? I'm not familiar with it and No one seems able to answer it. Clearly You know so let's hear it!

Adventures of Superman #607. I do not know this because I have them all, but because it has been brought to you in the posts I read. There are others such low feats here and there, recently, like Superman and the Kryptonians failing to move a moon.

    And I acknowledge Black Lightnings success with the Red lightning assault, it derives from the idea Krytonians are affected by differing radiation wavelengths and is hardly a Top Secret. But what has it to do with anything here?

That makes sense - too much sense. If this is IMO the correct way to read Superman's power, it can only lead to him falling before the merest light manipulators, and both you and I know that DC won't let that happen, do we?

    Weird logic. None of the DCU tier are invincible, I've seen Superman & Supergirl alone nearly killed several times in the last year or so alone. You should try reading DC comics a bit, it always sounds as if you're going from second hand gossip, you should get out and read more...

Well, because of how things are dealt with at DC, I just stop buying them. I was an adept of John's JSA, as well as Batman. I also like the recent DC animated, but their on-comic one-man-shows and the irrational excesses it commands.

Same thing with Marvel and the Sentry, or the Red Hulk. Sillyness does not appeal to me in that genre - so it would be stupid from my part to only refer to these stupid moments to base my claims, wouldn't it?

    The key turning point to his being able to even threaten Darkseid Legitimatly came on the back of his power-up in Our Worlds at War, he had now enough power and more importantly experience to be able to beat Darkseid... even then it was far from easy. Before that point he was definitly not a match.
    I can go on and on with the scale of his power-up but there is no evidence Everyone at DCs toptier were automatically granted power-ups just to match Superman.... you're mything it.

Well, if he grew powerful enough to beat Darkseid, he sure isn't powerful enough to beat... Wonder Woman, who meanwhile kills gods on a whim in her own title. What does that says to you?

What is does tell me, is that the powerscale between DC heroes just stays the same. Same thing when Iron Man in his own title uprades his armor - you are tend to conclude that he would be higher up the power relation, yet he stays at the same place as soon as there is a team book or a crossover.

    It IS my problem I agree! Nontheless I plough on....

Well, I can't do nothing but wishing you good luck.

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