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Subj: Re: They have ko'd Colosus
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    The problem is that Cyke's optic blasts have never made any sense so writers have used them differently. They are most commonly shown to be some type of concussive blast rather than a laser or torch. However, we also see them bounce off of objects and become focused like a laser, which makes no sense given the last statement. Clearly, the ability to make his blasts more potent (like a drill) by focusing the beam has never been a consisent ability of his. Has there ever really been a clear explanation of what his power is?

Well I'm not up to date on X-Men continuity, I doubt anyone is, but to my knowledge his power has been pretty consistent overall if perhaps diluted a bit in recent years. All they are is a concussive beam at the end of the day and contolled by the width/lens of his visor, I don't know whether his ability to fire them minus the Visor affected their strength.

It's like Iron Mans repulsors really, over the years their potency has been diminished. They are his primary weapon yet not only fail to get any more powerful as time passes but become seemingly weaker, maybe the fault is in the opposition getting that much more powerful but a weapon like Cyclops' optic beams are only as good as its user, he used to have exceptional mathematical ability and could instantly calculate the most sophisticated angles to maximise his beans effectiveness on a target. I don't know if that's been a feature in modern times but I do think it's not so much the beam that is weak perhaps but that he is not using it to its full potency.
But overall I think he's been represented evenly, like his brother he has an inherently lethal power and it's just a fact he rarely uses them in a more lethal fashion as he is reluctant to go that high usually.