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Subj: Re: Since you mentioned me by name...
Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 10:21:25 pm EST (Viewed 8 times)
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    Jaysin looking at the consistently shite attitude of the likes of Artteacher (whom i have persistently tried to settle with via PM), Primetime, Fifthchild, HMB, ODH, do you seriously have any wonder i have become so stubborn and entrenched?

You’ve tried to settle with me? I extended the olive branch first and asked to move on. If you click the link, you will clearly see *NO* response from you:

And don’t make me post your private messages, Daveym. We had ONE conversation on this board via PM, which consisted of a total of two PMs from you, each a day apart. I left you alone until you started congratulating others for making fun of my occupation and calling me unintelligent. Again, a man is only as good as his word and YOU didn’t honor your agreement.

You’re so civil and polite in your Private Message, but yet it’s like you try to keep this "hard" pretense on the board by trying to be a "tough guy" around here. I don’t know what you’re complaining about, anyway, because the last time I replied to one of your PMs, you just deleted it without reading it. Yes, as you know, Alvaro’s alerts you when someone has read your Private Message—and you just ignored my last one (from a year ago), so if you’re going to delete my messages without reading them, then why should I read the one you sent me?

    It seems to me if i was praising the Hulk instead of Superman it would be a totally different story. In fact i'm 100% sure it would be.
Not true at all. At least not for me. I've never said anything about your comments toward the Hulk...I've said things about your comments toward other posters. Rip characters, feats, etc. all you want. But quit being just downright nasty to posters. And before you point the finger at me--look at EVERY one of my posts concerning you: they were responses to your abuse toward posters.

The following link is, truly, all I have to say about Daveym (and, notice how your response doesn't address any of my points, and, instead, tries to escalate things by you challenging me to some kind of a weird scan-duel or something):

In all honesty ArtTeacher, probably you and definitely me deserve some of the personal rancor he throws our way, simply because we don't allow him to verbally affront us and those like us with impunity. In fact, we throw it back at him, but with interest. He's like the schoolyard bully on these boards, in that if you challenge the veracity of his claims he prefers to attack the poster and not the poster's opinion. As with most bullies, punch him in the nose and he runs off crying that he is the one maligned. With Davey, it's all about what we did to him. Never (once again, according to him) does he preempt any undue hostility. What is ironic is that for all of his pretenses at being affable and level-headed (and the victim), he still manages to vex some of the most likable and non-combative posters here. Hell... if Jaysin1414 is reluctant to converse with Daveym, that speaks volumes for his online persona's attitude.

At one time, I actually considered publicly apologizing for my role in the continuation of our own heated rivalry, but decided that it would be ultimately futile as it would be only a matter of time before he impugned my character as opposed to my opinion. Besides, I take some guilty pleasure in knowing that I can ruffle his feathers the way I do.
Regardless, the real crux of the matter is this, aside from his vast knowledge of both mainstream and independent comic books, I don't see him (and by him I mean his online persona) having any redeeming qualities whatsoever, and I do not feel particularly compelled in extending an olive branch to one such as he without some middle ground
being reached. The fact you are/were able to do it shows you are a better man than I am. ;\)

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