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    D: Now if you didn't have that direct Comparison you would be possibly have an argument to say the Hulk is more powerful but in a shared universe everyone has fought everyone else at some point so there is a very clear picture set up. Whan Marvelman makes it into the MU he won't be more powerful than Thor, that's pretty much a given, just as when DC bought Majestic he was lited as Supermans peer, not superior!

    I just do not think though you can extend your logic cross company as the set-ups in each are totally different, argue the Hulk or Thor is capable of overwhelming a Dragonball character for example, I dare you...

    >>>>>> So this is what you're saying: The DC Universe, Marvel Universe, Dragonball Universe, etc, as completely unique universes, have completely different sets of standards (publishing company standards). And as such, even though they may be seen as equals in crossovers for political reasons, the universe with the higher standards will have higher strength levels. For example, the current version of Superman is helping to pull planets. The current version of Namor is supporting an island. Therefore, Superman is leagues above Namor in strength. And when you look at character interaction, therefore, you can only look at character interaction within each unique universe. Example: Superman helped pull a planet. Darkseid never did. But we can assume he could because they fight evenly within DC. But if Thor and Superman fight relatively equally, we have to disregard that, because they're only shown as equals for politics sake?

    D: If you take JLAvengers as Gospel you know it is Thor With Hammer who is the player, the Hammer is a massive advantage to him as with it he can even the odds somewhat with more versatile opponents - and I shouldn't have to keep pointing that out. If Thor fought Gladiator or Extremis-Iron Man minus Mjolnir he'd be taking a dirtnap pretty quick.

    >>>>> Well, not sure about that. See Oeming's Ragnarok story. Thor killed Durok without the hammer and without the odinpower. He's been shown using lightning, without Mjolnir, on multiple occasions.

That's true, but keep in mind that Thor would lose to most his level superheroes/supervillians in Marvel universe without Mjolnir, it's true. It has been proven many times. I didn't read the Durok fight, but I'm sure there were outside circumstances, he couldn't defeat Durok without Mjolnir or without an extra power.

Thor would be hard pressed to defeat many top 100 beings without Mjolnir. He would lose the teleportation, flight, and energy absorption. But he has been shown to use lightning and even other energy projection without the hammer.

He did not have the hammer or the odinpower when he killed Durok. He called a power from within himself and it struck Durok dead. His world was coming to an end around him. Thor believed it to be the true Ragnarok. So you might say this provided him with extra motivation. But there was no extra power added to Thor.

And Durok was Class 75 at the very least. Very likely higher. He also was extremely durable. An easy match for an Iron Man character.

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