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    The Moon that was travelling out of control at Super-speed thanks to their engineering you mean.... don't overlook that not so minor detail.

Still, for the so many Supermen implied - all of them able to match that speed, apparently - it was kind of a low showing when compared to the extreme you bring, althought myself I consider it more in line with rationality.

    I'm afraid the Helicopter thing you refer to is false, i just checked, someone's making stuff up i'm afraid.

Ah so.

    What's that mean? Regardless, we know full well the Kryptonians have developed weaponry able to neutralise or kill any dissenters on New Krypton and we know Earth has certain tech too, partly thanks to Luthors efforts...

Once again I think this, the idea of a frequency, is a great idea, better than than the "anything sun-related makes Superman stronger", or even the magic vulnerability concept (that makes no sense), but I just know that this realism-based approach won't be the rule. When writers will want to neutralize Superman they'll still use Kryptonite, or Magic.

    Actually I think the problem is that you've grown out of comics, or rather superhero comics, and just won't accept it. I don't understand people who waste their time and everyone elses posting on forums who's subject matter they are rather apethetic to at best... that's creepy really.

This might actually be food for thought, but I did the same thing in the late eighties for a good decade before taking on new titles steadily for ten more years. When I don't like what's being done, I just stop reading it, or switch. I'm such a please-me-or-I-walk bitch.

However I stil like the genre, so my principal "super-heroic" activity these days is a pen-and-paper RPG game with friends 6 hours a week, where we play supers. It's quite entertaining. This board, too.

I'm a stat maniac. Yeah that must be it.

    That's nonsense and I think you know it. Wonder Woman is not his physical equal and never has been, the only person on here who will maintain adamantly through hail, sleet & sunshine that she is is J.

Probably. But still, Wonder Woman's power relation with Superman never changed over all these years. It's still the same. How can you conjugue that with your belief that Superman had a durable boost of late?

    That's solely down to a companys set Hierarchy, how they choose to position their prima assets. Before 1988 Wolverine was that cool scary dude from the X-Men who might be able to give Captain America a good fight.... move forward to the mid 90s and he's not only politically correct he's schooling The Avengers, Shang-Chi & Captain America as well! This dude is henceforth seen as invincible.

    It's just the money talking. Whoever makes the most money and is hence of greater importance tends to get the star billing, in any fictional universe....

Damn real and for a moment there I thought you were being cynical. Normally, I wouldn't disagree much with someone who thinks like that.

But once again, Wonder Woman proves me right; She teaching gods left, right and center in her own title, yet has she moved up one peg or two up the relative powerscale of DC's heroes? I don't think so; She is number two now as she was number two then.

    Thanks. I need it!

Thanks to you; this was actually a pleasant conversation.

Nucleon. Page 12 of Adv. of Superman shows him struggling with a helicopter and just barely lifting it out of the path of a train (the train actually clipped the bottom of the chopper). Davyem is the one making things up.

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