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Subj: Much Better On the Whole.
Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 at 08:24:46 am EST (Viewed 129 times)
Reply Subj: How would the following characters take the same attack Thor took in SIEGE?
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    To try and resolve this somewhat how would the same characters take the same assault starting with the Sentry blindsiding them, knocking him away, then the U-foes, Osborn, and Ms. Marvel/Moonstone blasting __ character at full power causing a nuclear type blast with that character only standing there and taking it and not doing anything to defend themselves at all. Osborn then comes over and hits them. What condition would they be in? Knocked out? Busted up? On the ground? Still standing but a beat bruised? Standing like they had just been hit with a water pistol?

    Enraged Savage Hulk

Out Cold. Between Sentry's hit and the Villains firepower he has limited options, Thor has the Hammer for what its worth, but the Hulk has traditionally struggled with just the U-foes.

    Engraed Grey Hulk

Same as above though messed up a lot more.

    World War Hulk

He'd take all of that most likely and Osborn being a ruthless bastard has to get creative. I think the Dark Avengers do eventually nail him to the floor with all hands needed on deck to do it but it's extremely hard.


I'd say he goes down. Sentry is probobly more powerful on his own and the exotic energies the Villains rain down would be punishing... his confidence level will have dropped enough to make it a clean KO.


He takes it all and kicks all their butts. Even being consevative in this assesment he is hit by other Supermen all the time so Sentry is nothing, the villains attack is nothing much either considering he takes proper Nukes without issue. He's way way too much for them.

    Wonder Woman (assume she does not block)

I think Sentry's strike will wind her and the Villains assault might well push her to the edge. She's taken similar strikes but it varies a bit how well she endures them, the edge she has is that she is a far better combatant than Thor and is physically more used to fighting high-end opponents like Sentry or Osborn. She's probobly break Osborns arm for his audacity in thinking he can square up to her!
I think she squeaks by to sensibly retreat after doing it though....

    Captain Marvel

Same as Superman. His durability is collosall and he'd take all of this and win.


His durability is suspect. I think based on the way he is so easily despatched by so many opponents means he wouldn't take this very well. He's more than strong enough but his invulnerability saw him Koed by that Skrull ship exploding for example and Thor knocking him out of the park for so long is hard to rationalise... He just wouldn't stand up to the same test Thor did in my view but he's such a plot-device character he makes Gladiator look normal by comparison.


Same as Thor obviously.


Ha! (Morrisons trumps all though.)


About the same as Thor maybe, his durability is all over the place though his last appearance where he kills Darkseid says to me he might make it all the way through and kill most of the Villains.It's real messy though.

    Martian Manhunter

I'm not sure how well he'd take that Blast.... I think he'd go the way of Thor as he tends to be much more sensitive to energy assaults and this could well degrade his durabilty to the point Osborn can punch him out.

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