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Reply Subj: How Would Wonder Woman fare Vrs Iron man?
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IM as he was in the Avengers/JLA Vrs Current WW...

Rematched, who would take it straight up, non prepping either side?

He already admitted her speed in that series plus she had Hercules on the ground helpless!

Whichever way you look at it he is totally outclassed here. She is vastly stronger, Faster snd more maneuvreable in flight, She's better combat orientated, and has a deflective trick that renders his armours prime attack method irrelevant. Iron Man works best if he's given time to adapt and the opponent has some chink in the armour he can work on to open them up to an even playing field - Wonder Woman has no particular weakness however and is an equivalent to Captain America in her uncanny ability to assess an opponent on the spot and adapt on the fly to take them down in the most efficient manner.
She's better than Iron Man in any physical encounter as the combination of sheer power and fighting technique is outside his ability to match - imagine The Mandarin x6 and you get Wonder Womans rough level of power & Ability. This is not an opponnent mere force overcome.

On the othe hand if he had Extremis it would a lot more competitive as he then has a speed component, not that he would win of a certainty but at least he has a legitimate fighting chance of being able to counter her assault to some degree and a broader base of intelligence & attack options to draw from, that's if being written up to of course....