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    Really why? Is an offhand comment saying "she moved so fast" in the same series-describing non combat movement- remotely plausible? No. it was not.

It was combat because she was catching something. That's reaction time hence combat speed vs traveling speed.

    And supes speed is a supposed core ability , ditto for Cap Marvel yet NEITHER were a factor in a Fight with Thor who has nowhere near that level of superspeed. Yet for Wonderwoman you claim it would be a factor because you say so...well I DISAGREE.

Captain Marvel has NEVER utilized his speed efficiently.

Superman, on the other hand, does quite frequently use speed and, for all intents and purposes, maybe he didn't need to use it in the fight vs Thor.

    Sorry but she is not stronger than theHulk. She is not more durable than Silver Surfer or Terrax. She HAS already been Kayoed by a repulsor. There is no way in high heaven she is 6x more powerful than Mandarin. She's probably not even 1.2 times as powerful IMO.

She wasn't KO'ed -- the comic makes it quite clear that the ONLY reason she was incapacitated was because Iron Man sucker attacked. AND Iron Man even says that she will recover quickly... something he could not possibly know if she was down for the count.

The most plausible scenario is that she was stunned under the rubble and would have had to get her bearing and break free.

    I cant conceive her beating the Hulk, Terrax or the Surfer as HE

Black Panther showed that a martial skill advantage over Silver Surfer can take him out of a fight. Diana is a better fighter than T'Challa. She's also stronger and faster.

You might not be able to conceive of her beating Hulk but she's bested Superman and Hulk isn't in Superman's class.

    He's durable enough to last against HULK, SURFER, and TERRAX in order to beat them , he sure as heck can do the same versus Wonder bread woman.

He couldn't against Sentry.

    Too bad she cant block a wide area affect attack. And she can block wide area sonics?Please explain that one. Do the bracelets turn into ear plugs?

Actually she can. The Vambraces coalesce energy... so wide range or not is irrelevant. If she crosses the bracelets they create a forcefield around her as well.

Oh, and she has blocked sonic attacks. One of her most notable adversaries is the Silver Swan who utilizes incredibly powerful sonics (enough to melt metal and destroy city blocks).

    Who said Ironman was unbeatable? I said he could beat wonder bread woman.

What's the hostility for?