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    Is this necessary? It's incredibly rude and I don't think I said anything to warrant this type of response. I've always been very respectful toward you and your opinions... I don't think I deserve this type of treatment.

You're right. I apologise.

    CHAD wrote: "He's durable enough to last against HULK, SURFER, and TERRAX in order to beat them , he sure as heck can do the same versus Wonder bread woman."

    I responded with: "He couldn't against Sentry."

    I wasn't implying he didn't win the fight. Quite the contrary. And if the archive feature is working you can view my thoughts on the fight when the issue came out. Tony won fair and square. There is no debating it whatsoever. But the issue also made it clear that physically Tony was outmatched. He was in trouble. There was no way he could withstand Sentry... he was being tossed around like a rag doll.

Well that's the thing.... at no point did CHAD say Iron Man was durable enough to last for ever or even for very long against these people. All he said was that Iron Man was durable enough to last LONG ENOUGH to find some way of winning.

You responded to that point by saying he couldn't against Sentry, when in actual fact that is exactly, to the very letter, what happened in that fight.

His fights with Hulk, Surfer, Nefaria etc also made it very, very clear that Tony couldn't hope to compete in a raw power sense.... but just like the Sentry fight, he lasted *long enough* to find a means of winning.... which is all CHAD ever said.

    The fact that Iron Man had to find OTHER means to win proves that he wasn't able to physically last against Sentry.

Which has NOTHING to do with what CHAD said. See above.

    I'm not really sure why this point is being contested. If the armor was able to withstand a full on Sentry onslaught then there would have been no reason for Tony to need to find alternative means to defeat Sentry.

Again, completely not what CHAD said. You seem to have completely misinterpreted his statement.

Iron Man *isn't* durable enough to go blow-for-blow with the elites forever. He *is* durable enough to take some shots from them and keep him in the game long enough to put his brains to work and figure out an alternate means of victory - like he did vs Hulk, vs Nefaria, and indeed vs Sentry. Which is exactly what CHAD's statement was about.


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