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Subj: I look forward to the Child Respect Thread.  But, consider this...
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 11:43:46 am EST (Viewed 115 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Wolverine or Spider-Man, Who Jobs more to Street Levelers?
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 10:55:29 am EST (Viewed 97 times)

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Determining the answer to this question empirically would take a tremendous amount of time and effort given the amount of appearances each of these characters has.

What I would like to offer is an explanation of the ABILITY to "job".

I've noticed in the replies that there is somewhat of a logical fallacy occurring in terms of durability and the ability to get knocked out. I have personally seen a young man get hit by a truck (doing roughly 20 km per hour) and laugh it off, and then seen that same man get kicked in the head by a child and become stunned. I'm sure the fallacy is becoming apparent:

Battleboard Poster 1: I can't believe how much young man just jobbed to that child! He's been hit by a truck and been fine. The writer's of reality suck! This is just bad writing!

Battleboard Poster 2 (A rabid fanboy of Child): It just goes to show that Child can kick HARDER THAN A MOVING TRUCK. This is going in my Child Respect Thread.

As other posters have noted; Wolverine clearly has a power-based durability, Spider-Man's is not as apparent, but has been borne out over the years visually. I would argue that Spider-Man is much more durable than the average human - but is still capable of getting downed by a well-placed hit (which I'm sure everyone would agree that Daredevil is more than perfectly capable of delivering).

Perhaps, in the context of the question you're asking, it is best to put it this way: Yes, Spider-Man can lay a beatdown on an unsuspecting, overconfident Firelord when he goes all-out with considerable strength and speed, and Wolverine can take Hulk hits (given that his bones CAN'T be broken, nor his limbs severed - and he has a healing factor), but both can still be one-shotted with a one really good well-placed/lucky/skilled etc. hit.

I would also argue that when Spidey or Wolvie go up against a considerably mightier foe they will brace themselves/fight better/roll with more punches than they would against someone who doesn't SEEM like such a threat. Overconfidence is a huge game changer in a fight, and the reason many characters job IMO.

And since this is a battleboard:

I give it to Current Thor. Magneto is a HUGE threat here if he plays smart, but Mags just fights too stupidly sometimes. Magneto has to go all out here in a full frontal assault (if he can't pull off a sneak attack, which even then is dicey). Magneto definitely has the power to put Thor on his knees, but a KO is just too statistically thin. Thor has shown the ability to perfectly counter Magneto's powers before, and his current capability with his powers is good, so he'll have Magneto on the run before long.

Good post and I pretty much agree with everything you said.
However, MAN getting hit 20 different times by a truck and getting kicked 20 different times by CHILD, I give the truck an overwhelming majority.

If Spider-Man’s skin and bones are durable enough to not take damage when lifting 20,000 pounds over his head, you would think punching him would be a lot different than punching a normal dude. Having said that, of course a street-level guy could knock Spidey out…it would just be harder than knocking out an average Street.

In relation to the original post, the question is more like who jobs more—MAN 1 to CHILD and others like him or MAN 2 to CHILD and others like him?
In other words, the majority of the time, for all intents and purposes, MAN 1 & 2 should be able to beat CHILDREN fairly easy, but which MAN loses the most to CHILDREN?

In my opinion, Spider-Man is more powerful than Wolverine.
When Spidey loses to Captain America, Batman, etc., it seems more implausible than when Wolverine loses to Captain America, Batman, etc.

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