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Subj: Read the Reed Write up.
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 01:50:15 pm EST (Viewed 100 times)
Reply Subj: 2010 Dark Marvel Amalgam Tournament Round 2 Battle 4!!!
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Banned powers are no multiple power stealing ala rogue, or mimic...I will think of more if the need arises.


NO Enemy info!

You get the knowledge of the dominant mind you choose and you get the experience of the person who the other powers belong to...but it is still up to the dominant mind to use that power as he/she sees fit.

The way it works(For those that don't know) is you choose 3 characters after you choose the 3 characters you choose who the dominant mind will be. Remember you get powers(strengths) as well as weaknesses...once you have created your character and an overall have to(Dark Marvel Tradition)name your character.

P.S. Powers Stack!!!

1. Ragnarok-Black Adam-BANNED!
2. Thorion-Full powered Magneto-BANNED
3. Liam Gallaghers Unibrow-Thor-BANNED!
4. Arcanix-Dr. DOOM-BANNED!
5. Exes-Beta Ray Bill-BANNED!
6. Tongan Giant-Majestic-BANNED!
7. RANDOM-Martian Manhunter-BANNED!
***Just the character...not the race...I agree whole races cannot be part of the's racism and I won't be part of that.

8. Nucleon-Blackbolt-BANNED!
9. Incriptus-Darkseid-BANNED!
10. BK Ray-Loki-BANNED!
11. Reedification-Juggernaut(gem of cyttorak)-BANNED!
12. Late Great Donald Blake-Silver Surfer-BANNED!
13. Hatman-Hulk-BANNED!
14. Joe Fixit-Superman-BANNED!
16. Oculporate-Uber Cable-BANNED!

Environments and more rules(which are the obvious ones) will come later.

1 Utopia(X-Men Island)
4.Tower Of Fate
5.The Carrier

Ok Todays match up!!!


Old Man Nathan

Herald: The High
PM: Deathverine
EM: Cable (classic)
Item: Nega Bands



Herald: Nate Gray
Prime Meta: Enchantress
Enhanced Meta: Sandman
Item: Nega Bands


First it seems that me and LGU are fated to fight in every tourney, and man I love it because he is one of if not the best. Good luck to him.
The Idea behind my amalgam.

  • Sandmans form mixed with shamans ability in Telekinesis to control even the smallest molecules will make him almost indestructible, even if he is completely dispersed he will reform (plus shamans TK shielding and Amora’s magic will add even more durability).  
  • The Nega bands will counter any Energy attack.
  • Offensively Shaman alone is a beast add on Enchantress magic and sandmans illusive nature he can do massive damage.
  • All of LGU’s stacked strength and massive damage capability will be useless. Swords and claws will be nothing.

The fight with LGU:
·        He has a great Idea in attempting to make Uber cable through healing factor mix, but as I saw it, that was a one in a million mix that defeated his techno virus. Not to mention that Wolverine already has celestial tech in his body (from appoc) his healing could be effected esp when it comes to tech, or the techno virus.
·        Amora can shut down psi (as she has shown in the secret wars) so that will take away all offensive weapons that LGU has.
·        We both have the nega bands so that is a wash.
·        Shaman overall is more powerfull than Cable, and as far as Experience with the power I am sure that Shaman has been on the herald lever far longer than cable has. Shaman has shown his power in some many creative ways it would be hard to mention them all.
·        LGU has no real defense against magic, the Nega bands can counter each other, not to mention knowing that he has them and what they are capable of amora can remove them from LGU’s monster with a teleport spell.
That is how I see it any how, again good luck to the very cool LGU.