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Subj: Re: --So is Sentry essentially like a herald ........(spoilers)
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 03:11:10 pm EST (Viewed 110 times)
Reply Subj: --So is Sentry essentially like a herald ........(spoilers)
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 01:53:49 pm EST (Viewed 30 times)

    similar to a herald but being an actually aspect of Galactus. So Galactus appears like a storm like in the movie (haha).

    Max Man: I don't believe the Void was serious when he called himself Galactus. He was being facetious. As he tends to do a lot.

    In Lindy's supposition, she seemed to think that Bob's power taps into the very essence of the universe itself. The "Power of God" (Or 'The One Above All' if we're talking about the Marvel equivalent)

      This would explain much, as I don't buy a man made super solider serum x 1000 explaining reality warping etc. So Sentry is like a secret scout/herald/Galactus aspect spy who keeps an eye on Earth due to its importance for Galactus

    Max Man: The mega-super-serum was said to be 100,000 times the strength of the original. Not 1000. And we don't know what the scientists used to increase its potency. They may have put Cosmic Cube "juice" in it for all we know.

    Max Man: And as I've pointed out a number of times already, it is established continuity that everyone on Marvel Earth has unlimited potential for vast superpowers. All that is required is being exposed to the right catalyst. The serum doesn't actually "give" you powers. It just unlocks the potential you already have.