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Subj: counters to counters about counters
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 08:19:14 pm EST (Viewed 86 times)
Reply Subj: Couple of counter-points....
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 02:55:17 pm EST (Viewed 101 times)

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    ·        He has a great Idea in attempting to make Uber cable through healing factor mix, but as I saw it, that was a one in a million mix that defeated his techno virus. Not to mention that Wolverine already has celestial tech in his body (from appoc) his healing could be effected esp when it comes to tech, or the techno virus.

It wasn't a one in a million mix. It was just the only time an uber healing factor has been tested against the T-O.

Wolverine was never shown to have tech implants. All of his upgrades seemed to be external. His healing was never shown to be lesser than normal, and if anything was actually operating better than before. e.g. the nuke feat.

    ·        Amora can shut down psi (as she has shown in the secret wars) so that will take away all offensive weapons that LGU has.

That's not the only offensive weapon I have....

Also, even without psi my amalgam can't be put down by psi. No psis could touch him, Nate included.

    ·        We both have the nega bands so that is a wash.

    ·        Shaman overall is more powerfull than Cable, and as far as Experience with the power I am sure that Shaman has been on the herald lever far longer than cable has. Shaman has shown his power in some many creative ways it would be hard to mention them all.

Cable is a vastly more skilled and refined TK and psi user though, as is often the case with characters used to functioning on a lower level. Somewhat superfluous to this fight I feel as psi is the one area I don't see it being decided on, but worth a mention none the less.

    ·        LGU has no real defense against magic, the Nega bands can counter each other, not to mention knowing that he has them and what they are capable of amora can remove them from LGU’s monster with a teleport spell.

The bands can manipulate magic. Proof the bands can be teleported away against the wearer's will? It's never happened to my knowledge. Not to mention the fact that Cable or Deathverine have teleportation powers of their own so could do the same thing to your amalgam, if such a tactic were viable.

Even without the bands, my character can move and foght faster than your amalgam can move or even think. Throw in Wolverine's mad skills plus stealth tech, I don't see him as an easy target to pin-point.

    That is how I see it any how, again good luck to the very cool LGU.

Good luck to you as well Sir.... not that it looks like you'll be needing it of course!


First and formost, Amora can cast an indirect magic spell to cancel out Cables psi. Really your amalgam will know how to use the nega bands as well as mine will....not all that well. Amora can eaily overpower that with her magic.
You really dont have a way to hurt my character....I mean how, No matter what you can do I can reform and keep hitting you until something works...like suffication from sand.

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