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Subj: Re: Battle of the Writers. Joe Q vs Stan Lee and More
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 12:15:46 pm EST (Viewed 83 times)
Reply Subj: Battle of the Writers. Joe Q vs Stan Lee and More
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I think Joe Q is more an idea man than a writer but he is in charge of marvel much like Stan 'The Man' Lee was back in the day, so who has the most mojo?


Bendis vs Morrison

Avengers writers: Bendis vs Roger Stern

Mark Millar vs Geoff Johns

Alan Moore vs Neil Gaiman

Greg Pak vs Peter David

Mike Oeming vs JMS

Jack "King" Kirby vs Kurt Busiek

Jim Shooter's Secret Wars vs Brian Bendis Secret Invasion

I wouldn't call Joey Q a writer at all (although he did write NYX, which was awesome). He joined the industry as an artist (a very good one at that), and he's also a phenomenal businessman. I read an article in Wizard a couple months back detailing how he brought Marvel back from bankruptcy, and transformed it into 4 Billion Dollar company (at least according to Disney). However, Stan has definitely defined Marvel, and made the company what it is today (he's a brilliant creator). There would be no Marvel Comics without Stan Lee. I think he's got more "Mojo" than Quesada.

Now onto the battles.

Bendis vs Stern

Bendis' New Avengers was one of my favorite books. The first several arcs, right up until around Civil War, were fantastic; very enjoyable and fun reads. I think this alone makes me vote him over Stern.

Mark Millar vs Geoff Johns

This is hard to choose. I think Johns is more consistent with his quality, but Millar had some smash hits with his run on Ultimate X-men and the Ultimates, as well as Superman: Red Son, Old Man Logan, Chosen, and War Heroes (if he ever finishes it!). I'll side with Johns, but only by a smidgen, as I adore both writers' work immensely.

Alan Moore vs Neil Gaiman

Both great writers, but Moore did write my favorite graphic novel of all time: Watchmen. Although I've never read Gaiman's Sandman (on my To-Do list), with Miracleman, The Killing Joke, and V for Vendetta, I've gotta give it to Moore.

Greg Pak vs Peter David

I haven't really read enough by these writers to vouch for either in this contest.

Mike Oeming vs JMS

JMS writes some great comics. I've never read his Spider-Man run, but Thor and Supreme Power are fantastic. Oeming's comics, while good, don't have that "next layer", that JMS' books do. JMS wins this.

Jack Kirby vs Kurt Busiek

Kirby is a brilliant writer, illustrator, and creator. The man had his part in creating almost every popular Marvel character, and developed my favorite series "New Gods" for DC. I don't think anyone really even comes close to his genius, when it comes to comics.

Jim Shooter's Secret Wars vs BMB's Secret Invasion

I really didn't like either of these "events." Secret Wars felt very, very forced, and Secret Invasion had almost no cohesion to its narrative at all. However, both of the events lead to some great storylines in Marvel (Spidey's black suit for SW, and Dark Reign for SI), so they're not all bad. I'll give this to Secret Wars, as I enjoyed the overall story (as forced as it was) more than Secret Invasion.