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Subj: Stan Lee, no question...
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Reply Subj: Battle of the Writers. Joe Q vs Stan Lee and More
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I think Joe Q is more an idea man than a writer but he is in charge of marvel much like Stan 'The Man' Lee was back in the day, so who has the most mojo?


Bendis vs Morrison

Avengers writers: Bendis vs Roger Stern

Mark Millar vs Geoff Johns

Alan Moore vs Neil Gaiman

Greg Pak vs Peter David

Mike Oeming vs JMS

Jack "King" Kirby vs Kurt Busiek

Jim Shooter's Secret Wars vs Brian Bendis Secret Invasion

I mean, yeah, his stories,now, may seem childish...but, you have to judge a work in the context of when it was written. There were a lot of classic elements to his stories, and they do stand the test of time, for as long as the reader looks at them from the mindset of the readers back then. Spider-man, the Hulk, the X-men, Fantastic Four, were all the products of some sort of radiation, which reflects that era's paranoia with the atomic bomb. It may seem outdated today, even infantile, however, if we put ourselves in the shoes of people back then, it's deliciously brilliant.

Joe Quesada. in contrast, gets his inspiration from some cliched japanese anime plot.

Bendis vs Morrison:

I gotta give it to Morrison. I think Bendis' early Ultimate Spider-man is one of the best re-imagining of Spidey, and just for that, I can't get angry at his treatment of Thor in Siege #1 and #2. But Grant Morrison's JLA alone reignited (along with most readers I know) my love for comics. His entire JLA run is solid.

Bendis vs Roger Stern:

No comment. I do not read their Avengers stuff.

Mark Millar vs Geoff Johns:

Although I absolutely dig Millar's Ultimates and Superman:Red Son, Geoff Johns is my current top favorite writer. Mark Waid seriously f@cked up Hal Jordan...Geoff Johns changed all that, and made him one of DC's top 3 characters, again (and no, WW is not one of them). Geoff Johns GL, Teen Titans and Justice Society are modern day classics, which 2 or 3 decades from now, will be regarded in the same vein as Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, McFarlane's/David Michelinie Spider-man, Alan Moore's Killing Joke, and all the other breakthrough series which influenced today's leading comic talents.

Alan Moore vs Neil Gaiman:

This is actually very hard for me to choose. How can a parent choose between his two children? On the one hand, Sandman is, quite simply, brilliant, on the other, Moore's Killing Joke is my favorite Batman story of all time. I cannot choose. I have to say, ummmmm, tie. But, taking my cue from the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother, if I have to choose, given that certain terrorists have hijacked a plane piloted by Oprah, where my future children are among the passengers, and the only way to save them is if I choose one, then, I guess, I choose.... Neil Gaiman. Ohhhh... My head hurts.

Greg Pak vs Peter David:

Peter David. Greg Pak is too much of a Hulk fanboy. His objectivity is severely compromised.

Mike Oeming vs JMS:

JMS. His Spider-man and Thor are, for the most part, excellent. I know there were a few hiccups, like the supernatural spidey origin...but if we consider the entirety of his run, he really do have a strong grasp of both characters, and his stories are highly enjoyable, and sophisticated. His stories are free flowing, neither forced, nor contrived.

Jack "the king" Kirby vs Kurt Busiek:

I have to go with THE KING on this one. Let's consider this for a moment...Jack Kirby was one of the pillars of silver-age comics, helped create some of the most important characters today. That alone is enough for me to choose him over anyone, except Stan Lee. I writer/creator should be judged, not just how their stories were written (or drawn), but also on their contributions to the genre. Without legends like Lee, Kirby, Ditko, there are no Bendis, Gaiman, Geoff Johns, etc. And what about Busiek? Well, he did write that garbage called JLA/Avengers, and was a jerk the whole time in this message board back, well, no contest. Besides, he phlagiarize most of his work (oh, yeah, some people call em "homage", i call em how i see em).

Jim Shooter's SecretWars vs Brian Bendis' Secret Invasion:

Jim Shooter's Secret Wars....I have nothing but respect for that man. His Valiant (early ones, before deluded other Valiant creators edged out their goose that laid the golden eggs) stories represented some of the best examples of what makes comics fun. His Secret Wars, well, OK, it's a but contrived, but then again, so is Secret Invasion (and Siege also, for that matter).

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