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Subj: Maybe. Heres my theory..
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 03:44:44 pm EST (Viewed 84 times)
Reply Subj: Would The Sentry Work In Marvel As A Type Of Spectre?
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IF the Sentry is still aroung after the events of Seige...

Could he be used as like the Marvel Spectre, possessing the power of "God", bit only allowed to show up when his Boss decides to allow him to "Come out and play?"

Like if Galactus tries to devour earth, again, Beyonder shows up, Celestials return etc

Then his Boss will allow BOB to come back and clean up the mess?

What if the Sentry is God's Angel of Death(or Spirit of Wrath) who's mind eventually crumbled under repressed guilt over killing thousands of newborns, etc. hence the multiple personalities. The Spirit of Wrath gone mad. Marvel's "Day of Judgement"?

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