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Subj: Re: Pride and Prejudice and Fraggin' Bastiches
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 05:03:02 pm EST (Viewed 46 times)
Reply Subj: Pride and Prejudice and Fraggin' Bastiches
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 04:23:38 pm EST (Viewed 46 times)

    According to She-Hulk, she doesn't believe Hulk to be a murderer because Bruce Banner would kill himself should he ever take a life.

There's that much disinformation been pumped out about what Banner would or would not do, and what he has or has not done, i'm not surprised no one can discern truth anymore.
He's become a bit of a surreal character due to the never-done-anything-wrong ethic he's religiously cast with in recent years and the fact is after what he did in WWH and the attitude to Civil War still heavy in the MU he should be public enemy #1, but the way he's been written by Greg Pak since then he should be getting a parade any day now... didn't do a thing wrong. No-sir.

    But, I've heard reports that the Hulk won't let Banner die. Of course, this could all be moot if Hulk has a deathcount of zero.

Oh he's killed over the years alright, or had the clear intention to. Off the top of my head the Hulk Kills in #133 - sends a squad of armed troops down a cliff face. #145 - sinks a Korean(?) sub, all die horrifically, very similar to Magneto's infamous sinking of that Soviet Sub actually. #164 - sinks a US sub, all would have died barring some passing 'fish-men' coming in to rescue....

Those three are old old continuity and not all that relevant in the modernday perhaps but it is inconceivable he has never seriously hurt or killed over the years even unintentionally. You do not do what he does daily and never ever have the natural consequences of such actions.

    And since this is the battleboard, some fights:

    9. Mr. Hyde as depicted against a mailbox-wielding Daredevil versus Solomon Grundy as depicted against a bat-wielding Batman

Then Grundy is going to kill Hyde - Hyde could be Koed by Daredevil but Grundy was near impossible to Ko, Kill yes. Hyde is alive to be killed/Injured, Grundy isn't.

    8. Lobo as depicted under Keith Giffen vs. Lobo as depicted under Alan Grant

Alan Grants version is beyond injury. Giffens was a bit more subdued and mortal...

    7. Jurgens' Superman vs. Byrne's Superman

Hmmm, Jurgens. Jurgens version was slightly more powerful but also had a stronger attitude problem.

    6. Captain Atom ("Wildstorm Treatment") vs. Fernus the Burning Martian

Whew! I's say Fernus is going to be too Uber, Atom is extremely powerful but reigns himself in too much, you can't go easy on Fernus you have to hit him hard from the get-go.

    5. Pak Hulk vs. JMS Thor

JMS Thor was/is a superior product that worked on several levels. The chief problem with Paks Hulk is that it reads a lot like the work of a huge Fanboy, JMS though reads like the work of a professional and polished writer - read his Brave and the Bold and you'll appreciate how good he is.

    4. Bane vs. the Red Skull (why is Bane a villain?)

I think Bane is more Anti-Hero these days but despite once having a cloned version of Captain America's body the Skull's hand to hand skill is not that great and a smart and powerful fighter like Bane is going to beat him to Pulp I would say...

    3. Parademon (not just any generic parademon, but the one from Secret Six) vs. Aquaman (hookhand)

Aquaman, no problem. The Hookhand version was extremely formidable on all levels and a Parademon is not a big deal - Aquaman was handling White Martians and more... a Parademon?!

    2. The Joker vs. Crossbones

Hmmm. Hard to say really, Crossbones is no ones fool, very no-nonsense. Still, if the Joker was that easy to knock off he'd be dead by now! Flip of a coin says Crossbones kills him on average.

    1. Specter vs. Darkside (both spelled that way on purpose, bonus points if you can correctly guess which series they're from)

....I'll have to defer. \:\)

    0. Mr. Grimm vs. the Black Racer


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