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Subj: Re: Yuga Khan versus all comers
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 07:22:24 pm EST (Viewed 86 times)
Reply Subj: Yuga Khan versus all comers
Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 06:04:00 pm EST (Viewed 91 times)

    Pretend Darkseid's daddy escapes from the Source Wall once more... (not a gauntlet unless you think he's powerful enough)

This is Guesswork as we barely scratched the surface of how Powerful Khan was.
He was I think still weak after escaping his imprisonment as a Promethean giant and was seen draining planets dry for additional energy, he could manipulate and shut off The Source itself rendering Highfather impotent and we know that as one of the earliest New Gods he may well have been the most powerful. Other New Gods of a similar vintage were more uber than the Modern Gods and as i recall Orion himself had to face another escaped God in #14(?) of his series and managed to turn it away using the Anti-Life formula - they were seriously powerful...

End of the day Khan had both Apokalips & New Genesis on their knees, unable to oppose him, their saving grace was that Khans obsession with entering The Source was so overwhelming he just wasn't interested in much else and his arrogance blinded him to how insignificant he really was to the power of The Source....

    9. Galactus (Mighty, Hungry, and/or Starving - whichever is the most fair fight)

It's my guess they'd be pretty even up to a point if Galactus were full power. Hard to call who could win this, though if Khan was able to lock off access to The Source I might favor him to be able to do something similar to Galactus' power. Really can't say for sure but I lean to Khan very slightly for that reasoning.

    8. Odin (Marvel or DC or both)

I think it not fair to say concerning DCs Odin as data is sketchy and contradictory, there was the suggestion Odin might be considerably powerful due to strong linkage to the Old Gods and it's hard to interperet what that might mean in practise but against Marvels Odin I would favor Khan strongly. The Silver age Odin would be a more direct match perhaps but the problem is he didn't have great stamina and rarely faced anyone on his own level, definitly not a Monster like Khan.
Khans sheer power was very well put across as he escaped his Asteroid imprisonment and that sort of power was more reminiscent of Surturs first appearance in Simonsons Run. A cut above Odins. And we know Odin really struggled against Surtur.

    7. Doomsday (highest depiction ever)

Doomsday could conceivably beat him if he got the opening but the odds are extremely long in that ever happening!

    6. Darkseid (not dead, without the "cannot-kill-your-parents" clause)

I don't think the 'can't kill him cuz he's my Dad' aspect had much to do with it, clearly Khan was simply the more powerful. Just his approach drained Apokalips' energy and dimmed the firepits and he did in hours to New Genesis what Darkseid has been trying to do for countless millenia.... it's not a good match at all.

    5. Imperiex Prime

Like Galactus it's hard to say but I can see it at least 50/50 and as with Galactus Khan could well pack a nasty sting for the KO.

    4. Superboy-Prime

Prime has only a small chance i feel, Khan stopped Lar Gand with barely a Nod and while Prime is technically physical power incarnate Khan operates on numerous levels he can't compete with... I'm unsure Prime can withstand the various attacks a being on this level can employ.

    3. The Destroyer Armor (animated by Colonel Preston Scott Case, or whoever you choose to make the fight fairer if needed)

Given The Destroyer was never a match for Odin and Khans power goes beyond the physical I don't think he'd worry about this doomsday weopon...

    2. The Anti-Monitor (whichever form is most fair)

I'd say Anti-Monitor is way too powerful, apart from the weak version in the Sinestro wars. The Monitors power was to break down all positive matter, even a New God wouldn't be a problem IMO.

    1. Mxyzptlk

At a guess I'd say Khan if he was confronted, if the Imp strikes from the Blue then he may well autwin it. It's like The Spectre - you can take him if it's one sided ambush, otherwse he's able to resist and fight you off.

    0. The Spectre (pick your poison: Jim, Hal, Crispus, or hostless)

Ummm, same as what happened to Darkseid when The Spectre killed him maybe? Honestly though The Spectre should beat him, way too uber.

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